20 Healthy, Energy-Packed Breakfast Recipes To Kickstart Your Day

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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (or at least the first meal, anyway), so it can’t hurt to start things out with a tasty little bundle of healthy energy. From next-level toasts (think beyond avocado) to savory porridges, ingenious blended grains, chia pudding goals, and smoothie combos to keep you from getting bored — oh, and eggs — we’ve got tons of healthy breakfast inspiration.

Using a culinary torch is the best way to caramelize the sugar into a candy shell, but you can also make this old-school breakfast treat using your broiler.

This apple pancakes recipe features a serving of whole grains and produce that you get to pour maple syrup over. Yes please!

Say that three times fast! Watch closely toward the end of the cooking time and remove from oven when the eggs have plenty of wobble left in them.

You need more hazelnuts in your life—and not in Nutella form.

If you don’t have each and every grain listed, don’t stress. Use what you’ve got—just bump up the quantity.

Our food director's trick for getting her kids to down fruit smoothies: give 'em a fancy name.

A breakfast bowl worth making every morning, because the Japanese always seem to do it better.

For a really bright green latte, use ceremonial grade matcha.

Why drink O.J. with your yogurt when you can mix it in?

Parsley can reinvigorate your cooking--and your health.

If you think quinoa is only good for savory salads and pilafs, you're missing out. Pair it with steel-cut oats to amplify its hearty flavor. A little maple syrup brings out its sweet side.

You don't have to be a vegan to love this smoky, savory kale-and-tempeh recipe.

Get a serving of vegetables with this carrot cake oatmeal before you even leave the house!

“A vegan green smoothie with some depth: I love the subtle savory quality the kale adds to the classic PB–banana combo.” —Dawn Perry, senior food editor

Everything good about a lox and bagel sandwich (minus the bagel).

Kimchi gives this porridge recipe a spicy twist, while the 6-minute egg keeps it hearty and perfect for breakfast.

Delicious breakfast that doubles as a great gift.

Cacao nibs are unprocessed bits of the cacao pod. They are intensely flavored, not at all sweet, and give a wonderful depth and crunch to meals. Try blending them into smoothies, or use them to top a long-braised stew.

A very good reason to impulse-buy some bee pollen. Yes, bee pollen.

Earthy, nutrient-rich whole grain flours give this classic banana loaf cake recipe some added personality.

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