75-Year-Old Bravely Fights Off Gang Of Armed Carjackers

Not going down without a fight, Anthony Mathers stood up to a gang of carjackers.

Three carjackers messed with the wrong man Monday when they tried to take off with 75-year-old Anthony Mathers’ car.

The grandfather of eight was driving in Birmingham, England when a man appeared, blocking his path under a bridge. Mathers stopped and says suddenly he had what he thought was a fake gun pointed in his face.

“It infuriated me so I got out and he ran off,” Mathers told The Birmingham Mail.

Another one of the carjackers held a knife out and Mathers, with his adrenaline pumping, told him off.

“I was so angry that I told one of them I’d stick his knife up his bum, although I used stronger language,” Mathers said. 

Mathers was eventually pulled out of the car by the criminals, but he made sure to switch the car into “sports mode” ― or manual ― beforehand. Not too long after, the car stalled up the road. Mathers went after them and they abandoned the stalled car. 

Thankfully, Mathers only sustained minor injuries from being thrown out of the car. 

One teenager has been arrested and local police are still looking to find the other suspects. 

Local law enforcement say Mathers’ bravery was commendable and stopped the thieves from making off with his vehicle.

As for Mathers, the event hasn’t shaken his steely nerves.

“I would confront them again. If I got hold of one, I would make sure he feels some pain,” he said.

Reminds us of the 81-year-old who chased down the robbers who tried to steal her purse. 

We’re just glad Anthony is safe.



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