76 Million Sociopaths Outed

76 Million Sociopaths Outed
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There’s a recent article in a major newspaper by a fellow who says all Baby Boomers are sociopaths. Soon there’ll be a book about it, written by the same fellow.

Being a narcissistic boomer, I loved reading the article - although it was rather vague, didn’t have any substance or facts. But that’s fine. It’s a teaser. No doubt the author has impressive degrees in history and sociology, maybe even psychology. So the book should be fantastic, and not written by some dildo blowhard with nothing much to say.

As someone who does not have impressive degrees in history or sociology, I was thinking, just off the top of my head, how an eminent scholar (as the author assuredly is) might go about researching and ultimately arriving at the startling conclusion that baby boomers are a generation of sociopaths. First, you’d have to find out exactly what a sociopath is. Then you’d have to take a look at a bunch of other generations, compare and contrast.

I tracked down a simple definition of sociopath: a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Because of the centennial, I’ve been reading a handful of new books about The Great War. Jeepers creepers, what a mess that was! I couldn’t figure out why anybody was fighting anybody! Literally millions of folks killing each other in bulk with no sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. Now that’s antisocial. What a sociopathic generation that was.

Then that got me thinking about The Civil War. I’m no expert on Slavery, but tell me if I’m wrong: the whole idea certainly seems antisocial to me. Then the war. Wow. Folks living in the same country going out and slaughtering each other. Millions doing it, hundreds of thousands dying. Justified or not, it all sounds a bit sociopathic.

Fast forward to the Great Depression. What generation was responsible for that nightmare? Anti-social to the nth degree. Some of those sociopaths must still be alive, are super-centenarians. I think we should round them up and give them a good talking to.

World War II. There were blitzkriegs, tanks running people over, machine guns spraying bullets every which way, forced death marches, a holocaust, mandatory internment, a pointless bombing of Dresden, a couple of dropped atomic bombs. Good vs. Evil? Sure. But not very social. Probably antisocial.

And Post-War. Was segregation antisocial? Academic authorities should chime in here. The Cold War? Seems to me, not very social.

Now we’re back to the Baby Boomers, a Generation of Sociopaths - more horrendously sociopathic than any other generation, which is why there’s a book titled Baby Boomers – A Generation of Sociopaths.

Yours Truly can only speak for yours truly. I’m very antisocial, especially towards people I don’t want to talk to.

A shining example of my sociopathy: I was in New York State in the summer of ’69, had tickets to Woodstock, didn’t go because of the traffic mess and all those PEOPLE, putting me at the vanguard of sociopathic baby boomers. I proudly wear this fact as a badge of honor.

Through the years I must’ve done tons of sociopathic things, probably snubbed hundreds if not thousands of innocent people, because I’m a sociopath. Of course I don’t remember doing any of it, because I’m a sociopath.

How happy I am that a book is coming out about it all! It’s comforting to know that there are seventy-six million other sociopaths just like me in this country alone. Why this would comfort me I can’t imagine, because I’m a sociopath.

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