This 76-Year-Old CrossFitter Will Inspire You Beyond Words

A cardiac problem, arthritis and multiple surgeries won't stop her.

Constance Tillett is 76 years old. She's had hip replacements, knee replacements and shoulder replacements. On top of all that, she has arthritis and a cardiac problem. But that's not keeping her down.

CrossFit South Brooklyn's touching commercial "Keep Hope Alive" features Tillett sharing her story, and explaining why she keeps moving.

“After my last surgery, I came here and saw what was going on. I was scared," she says. "I lost 20 pounds. My range of motion has changed, each day is a challenge. You have to think positive, because I’m not ready to die yet, and I’m trying to keep hope alive.”

Although CrossFit has its critics, it's good to know that what's considered one of the most high-intensity, high-impact workouts out there can work for someone like Tillett. Any person with preexisting conditions or advanced age should check with a doctor before undertaking a new fitness program, but this is a reminder to us all that it's never too late to get moving or find an activity we love.

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