79-Year-Old Rapping Grandma Perfectly Breaks Down Why You Must Vote

No excuses.

Think your vote won’t make a difference? Then let Lil’ Mema give you a piece of her mind.

The 79-year-old rapping grandmother-of-10, whose real name is Abby Cohen, decided to try her hand at rapping after being inspired by her grandchildren.

“I look at my grandkids and think, ‘this is another day I have to make a better future for them’,” Cohen told Senior Planet. 

Cohen’s daughter, who works in media, encouraged her to make the video after feeling she could do more than just make calls to get out the vote.

“I can pretend that I’m dead by sitting on my butt and complaining that my knees hurt or I’m too tired, or I can look out the window and ask what I can contribute to the world,” Cohen said. 

So she put on her gold chains and crown to channel her inner rapper and penned the song and video “V.O.T.E. Vote” to encourage people on all sides of the race to cast a ballot.

The song, which breaks down how easy it is to register, isn’t in support of one candidate or the other ― something that was important to Cohen. 

No matter what your party, it’s vital for everyone both young and old to exercise their right to vote to ensure the future of our democracy, said Cohen, who lived through the segregation era in the South. She added, “Put away the age card. I’m not dead.”

Preach, Lil’ Mema, preach.



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