7th Break Premiere "Chasing Lights" (feat. Scott Russo from Unwritten Law)

Italian alt rock band 7th Break have a new single/video that features Scott Russo of the band Unwritten Law (www.facebook.com/unwrittenlaw.music/) .

The single was produced by Salvatore Addeo at Aemme Recording Studios

Quote from Lorenzo Nocita (guitar, vocals) 7th Break

"Working with Scott is such an honor, we have to thank our producer Salvatore Addeo for making this happen. Scott is an incredibly gifted human being, he has an amazing talent when it comes to music, whether it is playing the guitar or writing catchy hooks that gets stuck in your head in a second. We found ourselves clicking on many different levels and wrote the song in a matter of hours. He's focused and has a clear idea of how a song should be made and knows exactly what to do to get it where he wants Most of all, he's so much fun to be around and we simply had a blast writing, recording and shooting the video for this incredible piece of art we did together."

Quote from Scott Russo of Unwritten Law

"It was an absolute pleasure coming to Italy to write and record with whom now have become family. My brother Lorenzo and his band 7th Break have as much if not more passion for music than most bands I've had the pleasure of working with. Although their work ethic was very strict it was an absolute pleasure. I landed from a 13 hour flight in Milan then was driven an hour to Como where I had an hour to check in to a hotel before hitting the studio. I was then ushered to the studio where we had to compose the music and lyrics immediately and track it the next day. I'm very proud of my boys and this song. Bless up."


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7th Break started in a small town on the hills of Lecco (near Milan, Italy). The band has released appeared on a number of compilations and has released a series of EP’s and full-length albums  while garnering coverage in such influential Italian music magazines as Rock Hard, Il Mucchio and Metal Maniac. 7th Break has toured the UK, Russia, Czech Republic Switzerland and other parts of the world. Their newest single "Chasing Lights" is a collaboration with Unwritten Law frontman Scott Russo.

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