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8 Amazing Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Cramped cooking space? No big deal. Put these smart and functional tricks to the test.
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Cramped cooking space? No big deal. Put these smart and functional tricks to the test.

photography by ANNIE SCHLECHTER

Rethink everything -- including the sink -- to keep this central space beautiful and functional. These kitchen decorating tricks can help any apartment renter.

photography by ANNIE SCHLECHTER

Hey, Up There
A cabinet hung high in a corner commands attention and draws the eye toward the ceiling. Going with bold wallpaper and art also distract from the size of the room.

photography by ANGELA MOORE

Showstopping Color
An elegant, theatrical color, like this bright pink, gets plenty of attention, and the cheap cupboards almost fade away. Genius!

photography by ANNIE SCHLECHTER

Out in the Open
These monochromatic shelves show off a tightly edited collection of plates and glasses, all within easy reach.

photography by MAX KIM-BEE

From the Corner
A bright color puts an exclamation point on a small kitchen and distinguishes it as a separate zone.

photography by PAUL COSTELLO

Clear Choice
A see-through acrylic shelf lightens a confined space and makes an artful collection of dishes appear to float. Less attractive pieces are relegated to the cupboards above.

photography by ANNIE SCHLECHTER

Seating Arrangements
A scaled-down pedestal table plus comfy stools that stay out of the way turn even a bite-sized kitchen into an eat-in one.

photography by ANNIE SCHLECHTER

Brilliant Idea
Open shelves of gleaming highballs, a shiny glass-tile backsplash, and stainless-steel countertops create a glowing, mirror-like effect in a streamlined kitchen with an ingratiated two-burner stove and small sink.