8 Apps Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs Use To Achieve Their Goals Faster

8 Apps Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs Use To Achieve Their Goals Faster
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Are you among the tech savvy entrepreneurs? Do you use your smart phone most of the time? What if I tell you that there are apps that can help you achieve your goals faster? You see, as an entrepreneur I understand that time is money. And just like me, so many other smart entrepreneurs who understand the time factor, are always keen on achieving their goals quickly.

For us, realizing our targets swiftly is as important as setting the goals themselves. Like a traveler that can't wait to reach his destination, I had to learn how to work out my aspirations within the best time frame.

In today's digital world fortunately, this is not a hard nut to crack. There is an array of goal-tracking apps that perform vital functions to manage your busy schedule with ease.

Check out these 8 apps savvy entrepreneurs are using.



This is a smart goal setting software that offers you a free SMART Goal Worksheet. With its sample goal templates, you can dashboard your work to enhance productivity and checkmark completed task. Once a task is completed check off the achievement and move on to the next.

Goalontrack Success Habits pane makes it possible to follow your progress in order of importance. This is good because a hierarchical display of tasks helps you prioritize and direct your energy efficiently.



Linkagoal is a free social network app launched in 2015 for Apple operating system and Android devices. Its platform allows you to create goals and connect with people. And just recently, it was nominated as one of the 10 fastest growing networking companies of 2016.

You might be struggling to curb expenditures and draft a reasonable budget. Actually, its platform brings you into a community of followers facing similar issues including those who have made it through. You can tap into their wealth of experience and get over your struggles. There is also a cheering squad that keeps you motivated along the way.



Relying on performance and accountability, this app helps you track your goals in life.
As an entrepreneur, do you feel that your business is not panning out? This app fixes you on the most important thing your team needs, and that is motivation. What are your motivation plans and how effective are they? Lifetick can fix these issues for you.

Besides, what I like about this app is that it does not leave out your family in the list of achievements. You can set a list of targets you intend to realize as a family and follow through.



Do you want to kick bad habits and form good ones? Habatica is a concept designed to help you keep track of your progress through a role-playing game. It is an online time management application. It argues that daily goals are much easier and more realistic compared to long term goals.

By using a check box, this app allows you to check off boxes with either good or bad habits. A good habit is a sign that your health is improving but when you give in to bad habits you receive a warning that your health is deteriorating like when you are on a diet and want to avoid junk food.



Like Habatica, HabitBull makes you give up bad habits and form positive ones. It tells you that you need 66 days to check off bad habits.

Its cloud data feature stores all your data which you can still use on a new phone. What I like most is its goal oriented community that provides a platform for crowdsourcing advice and cheering others on.
The reminder icon alerts you on things to do to keep you on course.



If you have a health problem streaks is a great app that guides into preparing a to-do list so that stress does not make you forget vital things like taking your drugs or taking a break at work.

It integrates an IOS health app that offers you only six tasks of your choice like flossing your teeth, washing your hands, and learning a new language.

It calculates your heart bit and performs easy functions for beginners.



Nozbe is a task management system for entrepreneurs that gets you organize in the office or on a business trip. Its easy-to-use interface provides professionals with a platform to prioritize, manage and track their project.

Organizations and business men are finding this app to be the in-thing because it serves a communication tool replacing emails.



Productive asks you to schedule your task on a daily or weekly basis, and tracks your wins for you to stay motivated and keep up with your streaks of accomplishment.

Amazingly, it schedules habits for morning, evening and afternoon periods, something missing in Habatica. More so, it invites you to note down reasons for missing a habit to assess how reasonable your goals are. In addition, you have access to a weekly statistics to gauge your success.

Keep in mind that no app is perfect but with a few trials you can discover what works best for you. Let's face it. Time factor is a major stakeholder in creating a successful business, and with these apps, your business is on its way to a great deal of success.

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