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8 Best Growth Hacking Tactics

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Everyone aspires his business to grow exponentially and try all sorts of stuff to get near to that achievement. Having a word about your product or the company among people can do wonders for your business. More the number of people hearing about your firm more are the chances of them getting converted into your customers. There is a bunch of tricks and advices which you can bundle up and use it as the Growth Hacking Tactics for your business. Such growth hacks can make your products attractive and enable you to reach a broad range of audience. Today, we are listing the 8 Best Growth Hacking Tactics for your business, which you can easily apply to it.

Social media is where all the world is and probably the most targeted place for all the business companies to grow their market. There are millions of users across different social media channels and people in one way or another can come across your product if you use these channels. Some of the social media platforms also allow you to get onto the pages of their users through the sponsored trends. You can get your products or projects seen by a significant number of people through social media.

We have already mentioned the social media being a great tool for your product to be advertised, but knowing where it is being asked for on the social media also plays a vital role to spread the word about your product. There are various real-time applications that you can buy which tells you where the name of your company or the product is being talked about. You can look for the words like, "Where can I..." or "What will you recommended...", etc. You can reach these pages, where there are mentions of your company and answer the people or direct them to your product page. You can even get an automated system to reply to the remarks.

You surely would have experienced an exit popup one time or the other while exiting a website. The purpose of these popups is to have a last go at the visitor bouncing off your page. The messages on these popups can convert the leaving visitors into your customers. It is a smart way to keep the website visitor engaged and maybe made them have a second thought before leaving. There are various creative ways in which exit popups appear on the page. The most common exit pages show the message about the loss on leaving the website or subscribing to the weekly newsletter. Even getting the user to subscribe to your newsletter is a success compared to a user navigating away from your site. The emails you send as the newsletter also allow you to bring your products in front of the newly subscribed customers.

Reviews from your existing and potential customers can help you grow your business. The questions being asked in the study allows a company know as to what the people are into and what they don't like about the existing products or projects. Customized surveys for the different age groups, gender or professions is also a good ploy to get data which can be used to improve the company. Another advantage to such surveys is that the existing customers of the enterprise do feel that they are being heard and their suggestions are considered. It is an excellent way to keep the visitors engaged to your website.

Blogs might sound old school to you, but they are one of the most efficient ways for your company to be 'seen.' You can create a blog about the products of your firm, or you can even use the popular existing blogs of different bloggers to write for you there. The users of their blogs can know about your company, and as these bloggers are famous, you do not have to worry about the quality of reviews and posts made by them. Having a mention by the prominent bloggers in their posts lets the page visitors of those bloggers, to whom they are familiar to, to trust your company and invest in your product.

The popularity of webinars has been growing year by year and is one of the most clever growth hacks for your business. It doesn't cost much to set up a webinar, and more than the webinar itself, the popularity of it depends on how the invitations have been sent. One popular way of inviting users to the webinar is to send out emails with creative bodies. Webinars attract the attention of email viewers who wants to learn the relevant topics about which the webinar is about. Having the webinar being presented by well-known personalities associated with that field of relevance also brings more viewers to join the webinar.

Going offline and reaching out to masses on a physical level is also something that you can try to make your business famous. Companies can use T-shirts, pens, wristbands, cups, etc., to achieve the popularity. This kind of growth hacks needs some investment, but it is worth it. Such tactics are a good ploy to use for the products that are oriented for the youth. Companies can hold events in universities and schools and use such merchandise to promote themselves among students.

Being a part of social campaigns and achieving the popularity from there is not a bad tactic either. You can come up with touching or moving videos for your campaign and use it on YouTube and other social media to promote a noble cause and your company with it. It will allow your business to be known for good and have some popularity among people too.

These are few of the various tactics that you can use to grow your business among the people. One bonus tip to consider is that there is no rule to promote your product. You can try your creative ways and use them as your growth hacking tricks.