8 Bloggers Reveal The Holiday Season's Trendiest Toys To Thrill Your Kids

The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner, and for the kids on the “Nice” list, it means one thing: toys. As parents begin the epic quest to find the perfect presents for their children it’s important to remember they’ve been waiting for this moment all year and likely have lofty expectations. By paying attention to their subtle (or not so subtle) hints, you can give them a toy and an experience that they’ll truly treasure. However, if you’ve somehow missed their memos, don’t stress. We’ve partnered with eBay and tapped some top mom bloggers to share tips, antidotes and toys that will help you make a major impact. Watch out Santa!

Help Your Jedi-Master Curate a Collection of Vintage Action Figures
Take note of your child’s favorite movie, cartoon or bedtime story and snag a gift that aligns with their pint-sized passions. Stroller In The City author Brianne Manz plans to empower her little one to defeat the Dark Side with the help of “Star Wars” figurines. "I am most excited to shop ... for my ‘Star Warsobsessed son,” Brianne exclaims. “[I’m] excited to find vintage as well as new figurines for him!"
Inspire a Future ‘Top Chef’ with A Make-Believe Kitchen
Love, Mrs. Mommy blogger Kim hopes to ignite her daughter’s active imagination (and culinary talents) with a kid’s kitchen this holiday season. “I decided the perfect toy for her would be the Step2 Mixin' Up Magic Kitchen!” says Kim. ”The kitchen includes a variety of features including a popcorn popper, blender and working shutters. It even encourages kids to recycle with an included recycling bin. Igniting a little one's interest in using their imagination is priceless.”
Indulge The Need for Speed with an Awesome Scooter
Catherine Dietrich of Littles, Love and Sunshine can’t wait to present her child with the gift of speed. “I’m looking forward to buying our 1-year-old a Micro Mini Kick Scooter this Christmas,” Dietrich reveals. “With its brilliant toddler accessories, which give the scooter a seat and an easy-to-steer round handle, the scooter’s life cycle is considerably longer than many similar products out there for toddlers – our older daughter still uses hers every day to scoot to Kindergarten. It’s going to be a merry Christmas indeed!”
Nurture Teamwork with a Giant LEGO Set
Choosing gifts that encourage group play are a great way to bring the whole family together during the holidays and beyond. Blogger Alicia Peiffer of Making Time For Mommy plans to nurture sibling bonds between her boys with the help of a LEGO set. “I love watching as my boys put the sets together and also the creativity that Lego blocks promote,” Peiffer explains.
Foster the Ultimate Hypoallergenic Pet with an Animatronic Kitten
“My 6-year old daughter has only asked for one thing – a Zoomer Kitty,” says blogger Heather Dixon. “Since this toy is an interactive cat that cuddles, plays and purrs, my daughter can finally have a pet and I don’t have to deal with the cat fur and litter boxes. Parenting win!”
Encourage Creativity with an Artist’s Easel
Kathy Radigan, the mind behind My Dishwasher Is Possessed, hopes to foster her son’s creative spirit with an art easel. “Ever since my husband and I celebrated our first Christmas as parents 18 years ago, we have honored the three gift tradition,” Radigan shares. “Each year we do our best to get our children gifts that they want and that will excite their growing and changing passions. This year I’m very excited to be giving our 11-year-old son his first ‘real’ easel. He adores art and, at least for now, hopes to become an artist. The fact that I was the same age when I got my first easel makes it that much more special. I remember walking downstairs to see the easel with a big red bow on it and feeling so excited. It was as if my parents were letting me know that they supported my dreams. I sincerely hope Peter feels the same way this Christmas when his is under the family tree.”
Share a Bit of Your History with a Nostalgic Dreamboat
An active imagination is one of the best gifts a child could ask for – and Bad Sandy blogger Meredith Gordon plans to indulge her daughter’s ingenuity with a toy boat. “A few years ago, my best childhood friend sent my 5-year-old daughter her old Barbie camper,” Gordon explains. “We had played with it together as kids, and the Barbie campers of today just aren’t the same.” So this year, Gordon says, she’s after a vintage -- “a polite way of saying old” -- Barbie Dream Boat. “My Barbie had so many fabulous trips aboard that boat, I can only imagine what my little girl will dream up.”
Prepare Pint-Sized Tycoon’s with Business Savvy Board Games
Haute Drop-Off blogger Mara Menachem plans to prepare her kids for the business world with the assistance of a classic board game. "I am going to buy every kid Monopoly Deal for the holidays – it's not expensive, it's fun and keeps them busy for at least an hour,” Menachem says. “Games like Monopoly are old school, but teach kids how to negotiate, reason and be entertained without technology. Additionally, watching my kids play a game together makes me feel like I'm an OK parent sometimes."

This holiday season, find 2016’s trendiest toys for your tots and sold out everywhere must-haves on eBay. From Star Wars figurines and the Nintendo NES Classic to Barbie and Hatchimals, the gifts your little ones are waiting on are waiting on eBay.