8 Christmas Gifts For Feminists

Couple opening christmas gifts
Couple opening christmas gifts

It's that time of year again! Christmas trees are in everyone's living rooms, lights twinkle in our front yards, and sales and cold weather are abound -- I'm talking about the holiday season, of course! While the holidays are usually filled with family, laughter, time away from our hectic work schedules, and decadent food, gifts are usually what takes precedence in the media and often in the contestation of our own lives. As we get older, the question of "Do I buy a gift?" comes up all the more often, as well as receiving those presents that make you wish they'd just given you a gift card, and giving those gifts to someone you had no idea what to buy for that you end up feeling you half-assed.

If you find yourself in this boat and also like me, happen to be a feminist, than you're going to love what's to come! If you have someone in your life who is a feminist activist or works to empower women, keep it simple and get them one of these must-haves. Or, if you're the diehard feminist, put these on your wish-list or subtly hint to family and friends that you've been dying to read/try/wear one of the gifts on the list.

So now, let's get into it and look at 8 awesome gifts for feminists.

1.Feminist Hoodie From SuperFit Hero
I am always looking for new workout gear, especially during the winter months, when I love to run outside of as long as possible. This hoodie is the perfect gift for anyone who loves athleisure wear, is a workout junkie, or an athlete who also has feminist principles.

2. My Life On The Road By Gloria Steinem
There's no feminist icon more famous than Gloria Steinem, who has been leading the feminist movement since the 1970s. Since she's spent half of her life traveling for her activism, she decided to write a memoir about her experiences that I don't think you'll be able to put down.

3. Feminism Is The Radical Notion That Women Are People Tank Top From Wicked Clothes
This is one of the most popular quotes that defines what the feminist movement is about, so what better way to make a statement than to rock this t-shirt to the gym, school, work, or as an everyday chic look?

4. Notorious RBG Tote From Human
Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has taken on a life of her own outside of the courtroom, with this moniker. Considering how progressive and no-nonsense she is, I think it's the perfect nickname! This tote that sports the famous RBG is a great gift for a feminist you may know who also has a passion for politics or works in law.

6. Feminist Killjoy iPhone Case From Red Bubble
I've been called a feminist killjoy more than a few times and I'm actually pleased to use this label. I love the 90s style of this phone case, which could also be a great present for any feminists you know who love a good retro look.

7. Misandry Bracelet On Etsy
I can already hear the men reading this saying "See, feminism is about hating men!" However, holding animosity, anger, or even hatred of your oppressor is something I think is normal and often appropriate. Plus, men are kind of annoying.

8. We Should All Be Feminists By Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche
I would really recommend the entire library of Adiche to any feminist, but this quick but comprehensive read makes the perfect feminist stocking stuffer.