8 Clever Ways to Use Old Mascara Wands

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So you finally bit the bullet and tossed your six-month-old mascara. Congrats! But before you go ahead and throw out the wand, too, take a look at these eight amazing ways to repurpose it. Just it give a quick wash to get off the gook (scrubbing between your fingers with shampoo should do it), then you're good to go.


And Remove Lint From Your Blow-Dryer
First, unplug! Then catch debris in the lint trap with the bristles' snare.


Get At Grime Around Faucets
Use the spoolies to reach places your sponge won't go.


Quickly Remove Shower Drain Clogs
Turn that wand into an impromptu drain snake. Then marvel at how many hairballs you pull out.


Tame Flyaways
Spritz some hairspray on the wand and swipe over baby hairs and unsightly strays.


Separate Mascara'd Lashes
Oof. Everything got clumpy on you. Follow up with a clean wand to separate lashes and combat the dreaded raccoon look.


Clean Delicate Jewelry
Soft bristles will help get into precious nooks and crannies without harming baubles.


Exfoliate Your Lips
Dip the wand in lip balm and gently rub it over your kisser. Voila: you've never been more smoochable.



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