8 Comics For Socially Awkward Daters

There's no such thing as a good first date.

Dating and maintaining a relationship in the early stages is rough when you’re socially awkward.

Illustrator Mikey Heller definitely gets that. The 26-year-old’s online comic Time Trabble often touches on the uncomfortable parts of dating and relationships, from unrequited love, to really bad first dates.

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“I’ve been surprised by the warm response [the relationship comics] get,” Heller, who currently writes for Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears,” told The Huffington Post. “Seeing so many people share them and add ‘I’ve been there’ in the comments is a nice way to feel validation and connection, especially since the comics can get so silly and off-the-wall.”

Below, some of the best takes on being awkward in love from Time Trabble.

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