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8 Delicious Anti-Inflammatory Diet Dishes

Here are some great veggie-packed, vibrant recipes that will help you adopt a more inflammation-friendly diet.
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There are so many illnesses that involve inflammation. After all, it is part of the body's normal and natural response to injury. Whether you're simply laid up with a sprained ankle or nursing chronic arthritis, this type of diet is important to learn about in order to take every measure towards recovery during emergency situations and periods of more long term healing.

Instead of committing a laundry list of ingredients to memory, I like to think of an anti-inflammatory diet plan as eating for vibrancy. Intense colors in fruits and vegetables usually indicate a high level of antioxidants, which limit inflammation. Plus, trying to steer clear of members of the taupe family will help you weed out dairy, grains, and other things that can agitate the gut.

Here are some great veggie-packed, vibrant recipes that will help you adopt a more inflammation-friendly diet.

--Phoebe Lapine of Feed Me Phoebe

Root Vegetable Tagine
This root vegetable tagine is a comforting meal that's delicious served alone or alongside quinoa. Filled with carrots, potatoes, parsnips, and sweet potatoes, this recipe provides you with a guilt-free take on the traditional Moroccan stew. Get the recipe for Root Vegetable Tagine here.
Sesame Shrimp Stir Fry
Featuring shrimp, mushrooms, chard, peppers, and squash, this healthy take on stir fry does not skimp on flavor. Hemp seeds provide additional protein. Get the recipe for Sesame Shrimp Stir Fry here.
Black "Fried" Rice with Snap Peas and Scallions
“Fried” in coconut oil, seasoned with gluten-free essential liquid amino acids, and topped with protein-rich hemp seeds, this black fried rice is packed with nutrients. Carrots, onion, scallions, and snap peas add texture to this dish that can easily be made vegan. Get the recipe for Black Fried Rice with Snap Peas and Scallions here.
Moroccan Red Lentil Soup with Chard
This vegan soup recipe makes an incredibly satisfying meal. Similar to the classic Moroccan dish harira, it's spicy, hearty, and filled with red lentils, carrots, and chard. Get the recipe for Moroccan Red Lentil Soup with Chard here.
Coconut Kale Salad
Spruce up your salad routine with this coconut kale salad. Raw Tuscan kale, coconut oil, pickled vegetables, toasted coconut, and fresh lemon juice make this vegan dish especially refreshing. Get the recipe for Coconut Kale Salad here.
Honey Roasted Carrots with Thyme
For an extremely easy side dish, try these honey roasted carrots. Simply through oven roasting, these honey glazed carrots get a great texture and irresistible sweet taste. Get the recipe for Honey Roasted Carrots with Thyme here.
Red Quinoa Salad
This red quinoa salad recipe is a great make-ahead meal. It's loaded with caramelized carrots and parsnips. A Mediterranean Tahini dressing adds a fresh finishing touch to the salad. Get the recipe for Red Quinoa Salad here.
Salmon and Quinoa Bowls with Kale and Tahini-Yogurt Sauce
These salmon quinoa bowls are an amazing source of healthy protein and omega-3's. Carrots, chickpeas, kale, and tahini yogurt sauce enhance the flavors of this healthy gluten-free dish. Get the recipe for Salmon and Quinoa Bowls here.