8 Easy Ways to Uplift Your Mood

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As a stay at home mom, I get overwhelmed a lot. The whining, the constant questions/requests, and the mess, make me completely forget about my potential needs. Sometimes, we need to stop and do a little something for ourselves.

This isn't an ingenious list of brand new ways to uplift your mood. These are little things that you likely do anyway, but when done with intention, can make a huge impact on your day.

Here is a list of 8 easy (and free!) things you can do in less than five minutes to boost your mood.


1. Adjust the thermostat. Set the temperature to something comfortable and/or dress appropriately for the weather. I often find that I'm irritated for no apparent reason until I realize I'm not wearing any socks. It's time to think about ourselves for a change. If you feel annoyed, check in with yourself to make sure you are dressed comfortably.

2. Let in the light! Open your curtains or blinds to let in natural light. Even if its gloomy outside, as it often is in Seattle, there is still some light that will come through. It very quickly and naturally lifts your spirits!

3. Chug water. Our body needs a ton of water, and chances are, you aren't drinking enough. It helps you feel fuller, aids in digestion, and it's fantastic for your skin. The list could go on, but instead, we'll move right along.

4. Break out the to-do list.
Is your list seemingly endless? Complete one task you've been dreading or even just choose the quickest one. Make that appointment for the doctor, or clean that section of the kitchen. Whatever task you choose, once you're done you'll feel accomplished when you can cross it off your list. Who knows, maybe that will create momentum for you to cross off a few other things on your list!

5. Make an "already-did" list of things that you've finished for the day. If you don't have time to check off anything from your current list, write out the things you've done for the day. Then cross them off. There is something so satisfying in crossing out a task.

6. Dance to a favorite song!! Crank up your favorite song and if you have a moment, sit and enjoy it. Or, get to hoppin' around-the kiddos usually love this one too! It gets the blood flowing, you're sneaking in some exercise, not to mention the effects your favorite song has on you anyway.

7. Positive Affirmations.
Write out an affirmation. Think about what your biggest struggle is at this very moment and turn it into something positive. If you're feeling like a bad mom because you're not getting everything done (impossible, btw), write down on an actual piece of paper, "I am a good mom." Continue writing it down (with a pen and paper) until you believe it.

8. Breathe. Before you roll your eyes, stick with me here. When we're stressed out, we tend to take shallower breaths. When we do that, our body isn't getting an adequate amount of oxygen. Stop for a moment and take slow deep breaths, each inhale bigger than the last. Your body with thank you and I'm confident you will feel a boost.

As I said, nothing mind-blowing or new, but sometimes these are things we don't even think about. And when we do them with intention, they can make a huge impact.

What would you add to this list?