8 Gifts That Will Stop Your Makeup-Obsessed Teen from Sulking

We all know how hard it is for a parent to coax a teenager out of her moody disposition, so buy yourself a little sunshine this holiday season and get her gifts that might actually make her crack a smile for a split second.

Any teenage girl who loves makeup worships at the house of Benefit Cosmetics. With makeup as cute and kitschy as it is functional, your teen will adore this limited-edition collectible set. As she pops open each of the twelve doors to reveal the brand’s best-selling products she will be treated to a festive “Bene-song.” Bonus: While she will love playing with all of her new makeup, you will love how subtle and natural the products look on your fresh-faced teen.

Every teen loves a good sheet mask and this makes the perfect stocking stuffer. Point her in the right direction by making sure she’s using one that isn’t chock full of chemicals. If she’s prone to breakouts, the charcoal in this mask will help naturally detoxify, while tomatoes provide antioxidant support and aloe soothes.

R + Co GETAWAY Travel Holiday Set, $35

She will be beyond impressed with your shopping prowess when she opens this travel gift set from kings of hipster hair R + Co. If your teen spends hours blowing out her tresses she is going to adore this trio of styling stars – ONE Travel-Size Prep Spray, PARK AVE Travel-size blow-out balm, and DEATH VALLEY Travel-Size Dry Shampoo.

Buy her this ultimate set of liquid lipsticks from makeup maven Kat Von D and you will officially earned a year free of sulking. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving… How could she possibly mope when she will literally have a rainbow of fifteen full-size lipsticks including two exclusive shades?

Flowerful by FLOWER Colorful Nail Collection, $9.88, $

If you wish your teen would spend as much time on her homework as she does giving herself manicures then she will go crazy over this fun gift set. Including eight on-trend nail colors and two adorable glittery nail files, this kit will make your teen declare you her favorite person, at least until you ask her to do her homework.

We both know that given how often your teen cleans her room, chances of her cleaning her makeup brushes regularly are pretty slim. In order to cut down on future dermatologist costs and “I have pimples!” crying fits, gift her with this pretty brush set from Sephora Collection, which ypoallergenic, antibacterial fibers housed in a beautiful glitter printed pouch.

Perfect for a stocking stuffer, this adorable makeup sponge will keep your teen’s makeup looking perfectly blended with its precision tip and flat bottom.

If she wastes tons of your money on gel manicures, gift her this limited-edition glittery train case packed full of everything she will need to give herself a professional gel manicure. Not only does this kit have fun appliques to dress up her digits, but it also includes the essential “how-to” DVD so she doesn’t make a total mess of it.

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