8 Gorgeous Illustrations That Give Wonder Woman The Tribute She Deserves

Diana Prince in all her glory. 👑 💪

Wonder Woman” hit theaters last week, and the film has taken the internetand the world ― by storm. 

The much-anticipated superhero movie scored a coveted 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and shattered box office records, raking in an estimated $100.5 million on opening weekend. It was the biggest domestic opening for a female director ever (”Wonder Woman” was directed by Patty Jenkins).

From little kids around the country dressing up as Wonder Woman to grown women crying in theaters watching a female superhero kick some serious ass, it’s safe to say “Wonder Woman” was quite the success. 

To pay tribute to the story of Wonder Woman and all that this film has done for young women around the globe, we’ve rounded up eight fan illustrations of the superhero. Initially collected by Poster Posse, these illustrations celebrate Wonder Woman in all of her badass glory. 

Scroll below to see eight illustrations of Wonder Woman, created by superhero fans. 

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