8 Trippy Works Of Psychedelic Art (PHOTOS)

A man with an afro breathes volcanic heat. An intergalactic meet-up of tigers, wizards and egyptian emperors takes place in a vibrant nebula. These impossible situations can exist nowhere outside of the colorful and bizarre world of 1960s psychedelic art.

A new book, "Electric Banana" [Damiani, $39.95], includes hundreds of images from the avant-garde era, including fashion photography, album covers and advertisements.

Says the publisher: "Launching a million Day-glo dreams, the artists include: Marijke Koger, the Dutch artist responsible for dressing the Beatles; Mati Klarwein, who painted the cover for Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew; Keiichi Tanaami, the Japanese master of psychedelic posters; Heinz Edelmann, the German illustrator and designer of the Beatles’ animated film Yellow Submarine" and more!

Check out a few of these trippy images below:


All images courtesy of Damiani