8 Hilarious Instagram Accounts You Need to Check Out

If you like this feed -- and if you have a sense of humor you will -- then you should follow the other members of the #FABSQUAD, including @goodgirlwithbadthoughts, @queens_over_bitches, @girlsthinkimfunny, @mum_probs, @thehandyj, @sobasicicanteven, @northwitch69, and @scouse_ma.  This whole crew is not only hilarious, but they also all support each other.  If you don't end up wishing you were friends with all of them, then we definitely cannot be friends.

Celeste's recreations of celebrity photos are pretty fabulous.

3. @dstbs

The videos are going to make you laugh out loud, so don't scroll this one anywhere where looking at your phone and cry/laughing will make you look crazy.

The kind of news to make you spit out your pumpkin spice latte.

The above two are for my more off color compadres.

And the below two ladies are for anyone ready for some smart stupid laughs.