8 Innovative Gifts for the Tech Enthusiast

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For Architectural Digest, by Geoffrey Montes.

A mind-boggling number of high-tech gadgets and smart-home gizmos hit shelves this year, and sifting through all of them can be nothing short of daunting. With the holidays rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to consider one of the sleek products for the technophiles on your list — or perhaps for the neophyte who’s never even heard of virtual reality. A perfect introduction might be Samsung’s Gear VR headset, which promises an immersive and futuristic experience just by attaching your smartphone to it. Or, for the movie buff, consider Sony’s diminutive new portable projector; after all, who wouldn’t love to turn any surface in their home into a movie screen? Click through for more of AD’s go-to gift ideas for the tech obsessed, and maybe add a thing or two to your own wish list.

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 2

Made out of aluminum, this conical wireless speaker system crisply projects audio 360 degrees to fully envelop listeners in an audio experience. Not only does the 17-inch-tall accessory support all major streaming technologies, but it’s also integrated with other Bang & Olufsen products to provide a uniform sound across your home; $1,895. bang-olufsen.com

Microsoft Surface Studio

Mounted on zero-gravity hinges, this interactive PC/digital sketchbook allows users to keep it upright or fold it down into “Studio” mode, which aids in drawing or writing directly on its über-high-resolution 28-inch display. Easily swap color palettes with the push of a button to see how work will look on other types of screens; $2,999. microsoft.com

Sony Ultra Portable Short Throw Projector

Instantly transform any wall pretty much anywhere into an 80-inch screen thanks to this pint-size portable projector, which comes with powerful built-in speakers; $1,000. sony.com

Parrot Zik 3

French designer Philippe Starck helped mastermind these chic wireless headphones, which are controlled via app and feature noise-canceling technology and wireless charging capabilities. The plush quilted-seam design is available in a bevy of customizable colors and sizes; $399. parrot.com

Montblanc Augmented Paper

The German luxury-goods maker recently unveiled this leather-bound notebook and accompanying StarWalker ballpoint pen, which allow every scribble to be captured electromagnetically and banked in an app. Up to 100 pages of notes can be stored, shared, edited, and even translated into a dozen languages; $680. montblanc.com

Samsung Gear VR

This lightweight virtual reality headset springs to life with any of Samsung’s 2015/16 flagship smartphones. Top-of-the-line processing capabilities make for a totally immersive experience, with myriad games available thanks to Samsung’s partnership with Oculus; $199. samsung.com

Google Home

Google’s first foray into the smart-home hub market is this adorable voice-activated assistant, which can control products from Nest, SmartThings, and Philips Hue—and, of course, Google-supported services like Chromecast. The base of the device, which holds its speaker, can be personalized with various colors and finishes; $129. store.google.com

DJI Mavic Pro

The newest offering from top Chinese drone manufacturer DJI, this foldable model can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour and comes equipped with ever-handy obstacle-avoidance technology. It can be controlled via joystick or smartphone, and can even stream to Facebook Live; $999. dji.com