8 Investor Podcasts Discussing Trends In Seed Investing

Entrepreneurs in the early stages of building startups need to be aware of the myriad stages of seed funding that have emerged. By the time you’ve gone through three to five rounds of seed funding, you have spent huge amounts of time and energy (and possibly, equity). To bring yourself up to speed on the developing trends in seed funding, please listen to the following 30-minute podcast interviews with a varied group of seed investors, Angels and VCs.

Don Hutchison, Independent Investor – Don is one of the most experienced and long term Angel Investors in Silicon Valley. We discuss the trends of the industry and ways to mitigate the Series A gap that is a serious issue right now.

Mark Achler, Managing Director, MATH Venture Partners – Mark discusses their investment strategy and the industry trends.

Julien Nguyen, General Partner, IT Farm – This seed-stage fund focuses on Digital Health. We explore trends in the industry, as well as what IT Farm’s sixth fund likes to invest in.

Sunil Bhargava, Founder and Managing Partner, Tandem Capital – Sunil helps us explore the difference of post-seed versus pre-Series A financing.

Todd Belfer, Managing Partner, Canal Partners – Todd talks about financing early-stage niche B-to-B SaaS opportunities.

Yanev Suissa, General Partner, SineWave Ventures – Based out of Washington DC and Silicon Valley, the firm invests alongside some major firms like Andreessen Horowitz and NEA. Yanev talks about how they invest, and also the trends he sees.

Nathan Lustig, Managing Partner, Magma Partners – This is a Latin-America-focused fund and Nathan talks about their strategy, as well as the dynamics of the LatAm market.

Nitin Pachisia, Founding Partner, Unshackled Ventures – Nitin discusses pre-seed and seed investing.

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