8 Jobs In Which Women Make MORE Than Men (PHOTOS)

8 Jobs Where Women Make MORE Than Men (PHOTOS)

Working women unite -- the June report on women's earnings, released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics this month, doesn't indicate any earth-shattering progress in the gender wage gap debate. Women are still earning less than men, although the exact pay gap depends on age. At worst, the 35-44 year-old woman makes 73.6 percent of what her male counterpart earns, while a 20-24 year-old woman makes 92.9 percent. This could, in part, be due to the fact that there are more women (69 percent) in lower-paying industries like health and education, versus lucrative engineering and computing roles (9 percent).

What did surprise us was discovering a handful of occupations, out of hundreds, where women actually made more than men. (One quick note: gender breakdown data was incomplete for more than a third of the occupations tracked by the BLS.)

Check out 8 occupations where women are actually earning more than men:

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