8 Kitchen Remodels With Stylized Interiors

Kitchen remodels are often stylized to reflect the theme of the entire home. The interiors in general should all flow together in one effortless wave of style. Form follows function and this can be achieved by starting with a good plan that enables you to complete it with consistency. Here is a selection of 8 kitchens reflecting alternative interior styles.

1. Modern Driftwood Interior

This kitchen is a modernized version of the classic French country farmhouse theme. I stylized this interior by cleaning up the overall color theme, adding a neutral French Beaumaniere limestone over a furniture finish Island with driftwood and iron accents. The driftwood shelving with iron support and the vintage metal lighting anchor the Island.

2. Warm Cottage Interior

The charm of taking a vintage kitchen and making it modern gives a timeless clean look. This cabinetry is of the classic shaker style. The countertops are smooth polished green granite with clean edges. The floors are mahogany and the ceiling is the original Doug Fir. The interior paint color is a deep olive.

3. Retro Modern Interior

This interior was opened up by vaulting the ceiling to follow the new roof line and beautiful tongue and groove wood added to the ceiling gives a clean linear look. The countertops are a honed Soapstone. The kitchen faucet is a restaurant style oversized gooseneck. Vintage pottery is effortlessly displayed in the overall white and cream interior.

4. Sea of Blues and Greens Interior

A sea of blues and greens make this kitchen a dreamy place to hang out. The backsplash alone gives the feeling of being in the water in the Caribbean. The Island countertop is made of hand-cut gemstones of blues and greens with hints of amethyst.

5. Organic Modern Interior

A custom finish with warm tones was used on these cabinets. The floors are European eastern oak with a natural waxed finish. The countertops have a extremely modern linear look and the veins in the countertops and backsplash are the same identical warm tones used on the cabinets. Modern stainless steel barstools adorn the custom built-in banquet seating.

6. Classic Limestone and Oak Interior

French limestone tiles were used for the backsplash above a French grey granite countertop with clean square edges. The stainless steel appliances give a very modern look and compliment the vintage oil-rubbed bronze sink and pendant lights. The cabinet knobs were done in a oil-rubbed bronze to match the faucet in keeping with the muted and neutral tones.

7. Elegant Charming Interior

The use of polished silver faucets and cabinet pulls and the polished Carrara marble counters give a very elegant feel to this charming kitchen. The cabinetry is a blank canvas for the colorful dishes and artwork on display. The stainless steel appliances give a more casual feel along with the matte finish subway tile backsplash.

8. Nautical Stately Interior

The Island pendant lights were modeled after a lighthouse beacon. The leather studded barstools give a stately nautical feel to the entire space. An intricate pattern of beams and tongue and groove wood on the ceiling also give it a very finished detailed look.

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