8 Life-Changing Benefits Of An Oxygen Chamber

8 Life-Changing Benefits Of An Oxygen Chamber
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I don't know why I waited so many years to try a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber, especially considering I have tried literally hundreds of the other alternative treatments that are out there. I heard about this oxygen chamber when I was a teenager that celebrities and athletes used it, so I had automatically put it in the "inaccessible" to my average life and income status back then (it is less expensive than you probably think).

This week I tried the oxygen chamber for the first time and had an unbelievable experience. I have been doing yoga now for 11 years and the feeling I had after this 1-hour oxygen treatment felt like I had just completed 1,000 yoga classes. I felt brand new; refreshed, energized, engaged in my body, and less stressed. My skin also felt so clean and clear. It felt as if the oxygen was pumping into my cells and that it was relieving a lot of the stress, tiredness, and inflammation that comes along with modern life.

This took place at The Salerno Center who introduced the first Hyperbaric Chamber which offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBO outside of a hospital setting in the New York area.

A Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber is a pressurized chamber traditionally used to treat illnesses related to deep sea diving, but has 8 other main benefits:

1. The Hyperbaric Chamber can Strengthen the Healing Process: When your body is literally swimming in oxygen and has 80% capacity to absorb it from the air, it benefits in amazing ways. The extra oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream, improving the delivery of oxygen to areas of the body that do not get it so easily. These poorly perfused areas have limited perfusion and little veins or arteries to deliver or take blood. This means that inflammation can occur. With the extra oxygen going into your bloodstream, you are delivering the most basic and valuable nutrient that your tissue needs to survive, oxygen. When the inflammation is pushed out, and the tissue is revived from fresh blood delivery through the vascular system, the healing process improves.

2. The Hyperbaric Chamber can Help Fight Radiation Sickness: Since the hyperbaric chamber specializes in repairing the vascular system and improving vascular delivery, it can play an essential role in helping tissue to recover from radiation sickness. Radiation can often damage sensitive cells past the point where they can recover, often leaving sensitive organs with less strength. When a higher oxygen concentration, coupled with a repaired vascular system, more bodily resources devoted to healing can be delivered to the affected area.

3. Ease arthritis pain: Lessen the inflammatory response in patients with autoimmunity like multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Shorten recovery time: NFL players benefit from increased rate of recovery when using the chamber.

5. Generate glowing skin and improve skin elasticity.

6. Improve brain function, memory, and mood.

7. Mitigate the effects that diabetes has on the vasculature.

8. Anti-Aging and how it helps with reviving tired skin.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is a secret device that NFL players use to recover and celebrities use to get a glowy complexion and it is now available for regular use in NYC thanks to Dr. Salerno, Founder of the Salerno Center.

Dr. Salerno counts many celebrities as patients and was prompted to get the machine at the request of self-help guru and patient of Dr. Salerno, Tony Robbins. Tony, who swears upon the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy told Dr. Salerno that he would like a machine to use while in NYC and now, thanks to Dr. Salerno he has one. When you visit and use the chamber you literally sit in the same chair as Tony Robbins. And because Tony is so tall he requested it is the sit-down chamber compared to the lay down one. It is extremely comfortable and spacious, and the chair swivels around, it feels similar to as if you are sitting first class on a flight. And conveniently you can use your phone inside the chamber, you can go send emails and go on social media, get some work done at the same time. Clothes stay on. Of you can kick back and enjoy absorbing the pure oxygen that is pumping out.

Dr. John P. Salerno practices complementary medicine at The Salerno Center. He is the founder of his own center and is well known for his vitamin IV suites, weight-loss treatments, and chelation therapy (a therapy that removes heavy metals from the body). The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine in New York City combines the wisdom of alternative healing with the teachings of traditional medicine, helping patients to live healthier and happier lives.

My hope is that every person tries this treatment at least once in their life - so you can experience the results for yourself - you and your health are definitely worth it. It's definitely worth it especially if you are going through some major healing. And consider that a lot of us are oxygen deprived. We forget to breathe properly, or we aren't taught how to take deep breaths and let it absorb into all of our fibers, from our toes to our fingertips! Plus if we live in a city environment we innately do not want to breathe in deep breaths of heavy metals and environmental toxins so we naturally get used to shallow breathing. If you can't afford the oxygen chamber or cannot access one for now just remember to take huge breaths of fresh air especially when you are out in nature.

We need devices such as this oxygen chamber in our modern world today because we are constantly faced with stress and an overload of toxins in our foods and environment.

Experience it for yourself, that's the only way to know!

The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine:
Dr. John P. Salerno MD
Family Practice Physician
Address: 12 East 52nd Street, Floor 4, New York, NY 10022
Phone: (866) 582-7454

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