Earth Day Movies: 19 Environmentally-Themed Flicks To Celebrate With

There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day -- planting trees, attending rallies -- but a nice, low-key way to go would be to turn off everything in your home except the TV and watch a movie about the environment.

So, for your own perusal and for mine, I present the trailers to a weird and varied selection of movies in which the environment plays a role. I've noted when movies are available on Netflix's "Watch Instantly" feature, which is just about the greenest way to rent a movie. No shipping, no driving!

If you have favorites that I've left out, you can let me know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

And one last thing -- if you really want to see a movie in theaters this Earth Day, Disney is reportedly planting a tree for every ticket bought to "Earth."





Silent Running - on Netflix Watch Instantly
The Day The Earth Caught Fire
The China Syndrome - on Netflix Watch Instantly
Never Cry Wolf