8 *NEW* Games You Should Judge by Their Cover

Let’s all take a moment and be honest with ourselves.

I’m guilty of it,

You’re guilty of it,

We’ve all been advised many times from early on in life not to do it.

“Don’t judge a ‘[insert product here]’ by its cover.”

But as consumers, it’s what we do. And in reality, that’s never going to change. That’s ok with me.

As a consumer, I know what to expect. I know that when an author, company, or founder spends time and effort to make their product look a certain way, to make ME feel a certain way, I won’t be surprised or disappointed.

As a professional in the marketing space, I have the ability to tailor a design to let people know what they are getting.

On the other hand, poorly designed products tell me that spending my cold, hard cash is a risk. Sometimes we are rewarded…but not often.

So with that intro, I want to show you some examples of 8 NEW games found on kickstarter.com that hit the mark design wise.

Together now, let’s judge away:

1: Blueshift

<a rel="nofollow" href="http://kck.st/2s9lGvz" target="_blank">http:&#x2F;&#x2F;kck.st&#x2F;2s9lGvz</a>

Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/2s9lGvz

Blueshift is the epic sci-fi board game with a quick set up, a fast learning curve, and deep strategy. Compete to explore the depths of space, conquer new worlds, and construct fleets to advance your interstellar empire! As your empire grows, your armada will grow alongside it, and soon your ships will blanket the galaxy. The first few planets may seem easy to take, but as the game progresses, players will need to make daring maneuvers to ultimately win.

2. Helionox

Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/2u287Qf

As the sun’s life slowly ebbs great leaders vie for control in the shattered solar system. Helionox is a movement based deck building board game set in the distant future where one to four players can play in competitive, cooperative, and solo modes.
The Deluxe Edition of Helionox brings together the original core set of Helionox: The Last Sunset and incorporates it with a new expansion called Mercury Protocol. The Kickstarter offers a full sized box and game board along with the expansion.

3. Savage Planet: The Fate of Fantos

Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/2tHZFpQ

Savage Planet: The Fate of Fantos is a 3-6 player, tableau-building strategy card game designed by Darth Rimmer and Travis Watkins of Imp House Game Company, with illustrations by Mike LaRiccia. It features a bit of card drafting, a lot of player interaction, and an interesting combo of competitive and cooperative elements, making it a great choice for social game nights. It is set in an original dark fantasy / sci-fi world, with an intriguing backstory and over 70 gorgeously detailed illustrations inspired by comic and fantasy art from the '70s and ‘80s.

4. Illuminatus

Kickstarter Link: https://goo.gl/akPPCB

Who is behind the world’s problems? You are! Become part of the problem and play Illuminatus, a conspiracy-themed satirical board game. Things don’t just happen, you as an illuminatus make them happen and all according to your master plan. Perform false flag attacks, install puppet governments, amass gold, manipulate events, use abilities, covert assets, secret meetings and more to achieve your goals from a safe deniable distance. Every action has a cost and moves you that much closer to the end of the world. Play your hand too openly and you risk being exposed.

5. Groves

Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/2sOxOUT

Groves is a strategy game that combines worker placement with bag building. There are multiple worker types that a guardian can summon to reap the benefits of the land. Using any worker-type will gain you a land’s ability but using a worker that is elementally linked to that land type will also earn you an additional ability to edge you closer to gaining the crown.

Playing in other players’ groves may also work to your advantage; however, although you will be able to gain the ability of the land, your sprits will end up in your opponents’ summoning bag. Can you build your grove and manage your pool of spirits to become the new Ruler of Idyllon?

6. Rage of The Trolls

Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/2s497Xb

Gruff is a tactical combat card game where players duel to the death with custom teams of mutated monster goats! Gruff features unique positional and timing mechanics that create a constant state of attack and counter-play. 

Gruff: Rage of the Trolls adds a new dimension to the game, troll Boss-Fights. Each troll is a challenging puzzle that players will take on individually, or with a friend in a co-op mode!

Rage is a stand alone Gruff-Compatible game which means that players can take on these trolls using just the contents of this box, or by adding cards from other Gruff games!

7. Just 1 More Cat

Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/2qngJzk

Just1MoreCat’s fun, yet sophisticated brand and product design was inspired by our desire to save just one more cat. Just1MoreCat is a whimsical all ages card and dice game where the champion of the game saves the most cats. Players adopt cats from the cat herd, then trade, steal, and adopt more (you guessed it) cats. Watch out for cat fights and Catmaggedon! The ultimate goal of this game extends beyond the deck and we hope that the real winners will be the community of cat lovers everywhere!

8. Rabbit Island

Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/2sOJ9nM

Play as one of the four Tribal Leaders and explore a new island every game in this light 4x game for 2-4 players. Build up your civilization using your Carrot Tokens and special Action Cards - can you conquer your opponents in 20 rounds? 

Easy to learn and difficult to master, a standard game can be played in roughly 45-90 minutes; the short version times in at about 30-45 minutes.  

Who will come out on top? Conquer your opponents and feast with your tribe!

Bonus Game: 1066, Tears to Many Mothers

Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/2rT0sme

1066, Tears to Many Mothers is an asymmetric, competitive tactical card game in the style of Magic the Gathering, but non-collectable. In other words, you will receive the complete game in the box. This 1-2 player card game, follows the momentous events of that seismic year in English history. Each player, as either Normans or Saxons, musters troops and resources to overcome the various obstacles in their way before their two armies clash on the battlefield at Hastings.

Artist’s Profile: http://artizer.deviantart.com/

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