8 Overlooked Obstacles That Sabotage Your Happiness

8 Overlooked Obstacles That Sabotage Your Happiness
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How do you get happy?

Some people say that if you visualize happiness, you'll be happy. Does that mean if you visualize a castle, you can have that too?

Here's another one.

If you have negative thoughts, you're doomed. Toast.

That's scary, right?

Maybe you strive to stay happy by reading inspiring blogs and self-help books and visualizing positive things.

That right there is hard, isn't it?

Happiness is good for health. And positive thoughts are great because they give you a positive outlook on life. Negative thoughts, however, can confirm the worst-case scenario that any pessimist might imagine. And trying to avoid negative thoughts is like trying to run away from life.

But here's a secret.

According to Daniel Gilbert, you can change your happiness by being optimistic and adding actions on your to-do list.

How To Eliminate Obstacles Blocking Your Happiness.

1. Purchasing products

Spending money on things doesn't make you happy. A desire for new things develops as soon as you attain what you wanted. The more things you desire, the less happy you become.

Instead of spending money on things, use it to visit people who make you happy. Surrounding yourself with happy people will make you happy because happiness is contagious.

2. Practicing gratitude

Ingratitude holds you hostage to your past. All you see are the negatives and "should haves" instead of "can bes."

If you have food and no money for leisure, be grateful that you're not starving.

Good is in every situation if you approach it with a grateful mind. Being thankful for what you have makes you a happier person.

3. Choose colors

Colors have meaning, and dull colors are associated with depressed and anxious people.

A study conducted on a range of people revealed that anxious people picked dark colors, and healthy people picked bright colors, yellow being the most popular.

That little change right there will brighten your day... if you start wearing bright colors such as yellow, you'll be happier.

4. Love Your Body

Without exercise, your body deteriorates. As you age, your brain cells get fewer, and your overall health is at stake.

A survey revealed that exercise actually makes people happy.

Start exercising regularly; you don't have to sweat a storm to improve your health. In the end, you'll be a happier person, and the happier you are, the more productive and healthy you'll be.

5. Limit Your Options

Psychologist Barry Schwartz states that having many choices makes us more dissatisfied.

Dan Airely conducted a study where he set jams for sale in a supermarket. He started with six types of jams and then added twenty-four types of jams. He sold more when he had six types. Why? It's harder to make choices when you have lots of options.

If you want to stay happy, trim your options, and work on one thing at a time.

6. Living in extreme weather

According to psychologist, David Kerr of Oregon State University, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) does indeed exist. The feeling of being cooped up and less active is quite stressful.

People living in high-risk areas for extreme events such as hurricanes and floods have a high risk of mental breakdown during and after the event.

So you need to vacation in temperate weather locations. These places are known to facilitate outdoor activities, which lower stress levels and raise happiness.

7. Exist With Meaning

Are you living a meaningless life? Most people live as though they have no purpose. Lack of purpose in life has contributed to stress and unfulfilled lives leading to unhappiness.

Everyone on this earth has a purpose. You just need to find it Those who earnestly seek without giving up will find it. Let your life purpose be to live with purpose.

8. Take Action Towards Your Dreams

Do you have a dream but never dare to work towards it?

You can visualize what you want, but you don't act.

Choose one goal, and master it. You'll get better and better when you focus and push yourself harder. No pain no gain, and in the long run, you'll be happier.

Focus On Achieving Happiness And Work Towards It.

Visualize a dream, and act on it.

And be courageous to face negativity when it does happen.

Endurance and patient will make you a master.

And you'll be happier than ever.

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