8 Quick Tips for Relieving PMS

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Ugh, PMS. The mere muttering of it makes me cringe, as it probably does for nearly every woman on the planet. And probably every man for that matter too, as they often get to come in contact with us during that fun little time of the month. Unfortunately as long as you’re a woman, you’re going to have to deal with it, AND every 28 days thereafter! Not fun!

I know as a teenager, when I had entered into puberty and started discovering the very unpleasant symptoms of having a period, I started to have monthly cramps come on that would complete debilitate me. No matter what I was doing, working, at school, out with friends, or driving, when those cramps would come on, I knew I was in trouble. Every month, I would end up in bed in the fetal position crying for 4-5 hours straight until those horrible sharp, ultra painful cramps had finally subsided. It felt like my abdomen was trying to rip open my body, and my whole body hurt and ached so badly for days afterward as every muscle tightened with every sharp jab of pain I experienced over and over with my awful menstrual cramps! I went through this for years with NOTHING helping to ease the pain.


I visited several doctors, and was put on prescriptions for Naproxen, eventually strong Muscle relaxers, and even then, it seemed like no matter what I took, those awful cramps would return and the medication would be completely useless as my body had quickly built up a tolerance to them. I walked out on work once because I couldn’t find my boss and I was in so much pain I couldn’t stay for one minute. So I just left. Driving home quickly to nestle up in my bed, and buckle down for another horrifying round of cramps. My cramps were soon cramping my style AND my life!

I started trying to eat better, be more active, eat less dairy, anything I could think of to help ease the pain of cramps I would experience each month. But Nothing helped.

It wasn’t until I finally went to an ob/gyn my sophomore year of college, that my lovely doctor promptly put me on birth control, and for the first time in years, the cramps were finally nearly gone for good, and totally tolerable.

Luckily my case of the cramps is not always so common and most women will find it annoying at most, but can still go about life just fine. But even then, there are a few things you can do to help ease the monthly symptoms (and cramping!) of PMS.

Things such as eating right, exercising, limiting Alcohol, and of course, to stop smoking if you light up frequently, can certainly help ease PMS symptoms each month, But if those cramps just crept up on ya in a hurry, (like Right Now!) here are a few quick fix solutions for helping to ease the pain.

Tried and True Tips for Beating PMS

  • Stay away from your Boss, Husband (or boyfriend) and kids. Hah! I’m totally kidding on this one, although there probably is some truth to it. Unfortunately, since that is nearly impossible try these things instead…
  • Draw a hot bath and soak in the tub. The heat works great for soothing the body aching and cramps and the tub is nice and relaxing for helping to sooth the emotional and, easily-irritated side of you during PMS too.
  • Again because heat works so well, apply a heating pad or hot water bottle directly to the abdomen to help soothe cramps.
  • Kick your feet up and listen to some soothing music. Music has been shown time and time again to help the mind AND body relax.
  • Make yourself some herbal tea. Again the heat is soothing, and this will help calm and relax the body a bit more too. Be sure to get decaf as caffeine can exuberate the symptoms of PMS.
  • Even if you’re at work, take a few minutes to let your body relax, Take some Deep Breaths, and focus on your breathing.
  • Yep, an orgasm can help relieve cramping from PMS.
  • Consider a natural supplement like Jayde Natural Pain Relief. It works amazingly for relieving cramping, muscle aches associated with PMS, and helps ease discomfort too. Jayde is also 100% natural, herbal, and safe and a great healthy alternative to medications and drugstore brands.

Hopefully, these tips will help you when you’re feeling crabby and achy during that fun time of the month. I gave all of these a good try over the years and found most of them to be very effective. With my most recent period, I was pleased to see just how great Jayde worked for helping to ease the pain (and the irritation too!) I felt happier, more relaxed, and my body felt instantly soothed and calmed and as well too!

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