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8 Reasons Marriage Is Better The Second Time Around

"My second marriage is the hope for my happily ever after, renewed."

Is love -- and marriage -- lovelier the second time around like Ol' Blue Eyes once sang? HuffPost Divorce bloggers think so. Below, happily remarried writers share the reasons they're better equipped for successful marriages the second time around.

1. Divorce -- and the lessons you learn from it -- make you better equipped for a relationship.
Mia McCloy
2. You work on yourself after divorce and that makes you a better partner.
Indrani Phillips
3. You're more determined to make it work.
Shawna Wingert
4. You're over pretending to be someone you're not.
Peggy Nolan
5. You're older and (hopefully) wiser.
Kristin Vanderhey Shaw
6. You're a better, more grown up person.
Heather Leiva
7. You value your marriage more.
Lisa Arends
8. You realize marriage is all about partnership.
Melissa Buchanan

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