8 Reasons Pit Bulls Are Better Than Most People

I get some mighty odd glares when walking my pit bull. No matter. I'd rather hang out with a pit bull than most people any day. Here's why.
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I do and say a lot of ridiculous things, and people don't bat an eyelash. I walk my pit bull down the street, and I get the strangest looks I've ever seen. People look at me, then at my pit pull, then back at me with confusion, disgust, fear, or any mix of those.

Pit bulls get a bad rap, and they haven't earned it. It's the jerks who train pit bulls (and other breeds) to be aggressive that deserve the bad rap. Those are the ones that deserve the "looks" (and in many cases jail time).

But still, I get some mighty odd glares when walking my pit bull. No matter. I'd rather hang out with a pit bull than most people any day. Here's why:

  1. Pit bulls are smart. They're darn smart. Heck, my pit bull is even smarter than I am. She ignores commotion around her and goes back to bed as soon as the kids leave for school. She knows by just a look or a gesture that it's time for a walk or food or playtime. Try that on your kids sometime. Spoiler alert: it rarely works.
  2. Pit bulls are lovers not fighters. My dog doesn't have locking jaws. She's not inherently aggressive. Make no mistake--badly behaved dogs are created by badly behaved humans. She wants to please so much that she'll do anything for her people. And then she'll cuddle with you as long as you want. When's the last time your husband did that?
  3. Pit bulls forgive. From what we can piece together, our dog was confined to a backyard, neglected, and used for breeding. She's afraid of water, sticks, bottles, and a variety of other things (I shudder at the potential reasons), but she doesn't let that define her. She doesn't hold grudges or stereotypes against all humans. I mean, geez, I still haven't forgiven my husband for eating my sandwich almost twenty years ago. She's a way better "person" than I am.
  4. Pit bulls are game for anything. Just say the word and my dog will take a nap, play ball, meet new friends, or even go running with me. (Just kidding. I only run when zombies are chasing me--and even then, a fast walk will do the trick.) One of my foster dogs would even parade down the street wearing a fluffy magenta tutu. She wasn't worried about what people would think of her. She just loved making people smile. More people should try that.
  5. Pit bulls clean floors. I can drop just about anything on the floor and not need to pull out a broom or a mop. My pit bull will take care of the mess in an instant. She even spit shines the tile. My husband certainly won't do that.
  6. Pit bulls take care of the kids. There's a reason pit bulls were called "Nanny Dogs," and my dog is no exception. She loves us, takes care of us, and will stay by our sides even if that means missing a walk or not playing outside. I wish more people were as loyal and loving, unconditionally.
  7. Pit bulls love parties. My dog doesn't complain about going to the in-laws. She doesn't whine about hanging out with people she doesn't know. She welcomes everyone into our home and will sit on your lap if you let her. And did I mention she keeps the floor clean? That applies to furniture too. Next time you go to a party, try being that warm, welcoming, and helpful to everyone you meet.
  8. Pit bulls are hug dispensers. Enough said.


As I type this, my sweet pittie is sleeping by my feet. She'll happily follow me around the house until it's time for her walk. At which point she will become obsessed with the smell of other dogs', errr, calling cards. That's one thing about her I don't love quite as much.

P.S. I could say these things about any dog breed, but I'm talking about pit bulls because October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month.

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