8 Reasons Why Your Big Dream Might Remain a Dream


Recognize this?

Your friends ask you: "You've really got a lot of different passions, don't you? Maybe you should stick with one project!" Your family whispers: "She's such a Jack-of-all-trades, Master of None. When will she make up your mind!"

You find it really hard to finish a project, because just when you're about to start a project, a fresh -- even better -- idea pops up.

You're exhausted after a day at the office. In dire need for Soothing Alone Time. You can't help yourself but you cry when looking at that wonderful painting. It hits you right in your core. After being in a group for a whole day, you need ample time to recuperate.

At a busy party, you retreat to the children's corner and talk to the kids. You are very passionate about your work and love to tell people about it. But who is going to listen?

Is this you?

There is nothing to worry about. It means you are a Sensitive Multitalented Renaissance Soul.

And you have a dream. A Big Dream.

Maybe you want to live a life that's truly happy, maybe you want to create complete independence building your own business, maybe you want to bring change to the world.

Maybe you you want it all.

Fact is you're reading this. And that in itself signifies you might still be dreaming. Looking for a way to start the action. You know it's time to get started. But it's hard.


Here are the 8 reasons why your Dream will Remain a Dream.

1. Because Dreaming About a Dream is Nice and Safe.

Okay, you got a dream. But why does it feel like something you'll do when you're old and grey?
I get it. Dreaming is nice, and snug. Like that old sweater with the coffee spots you can't throw away.

Maybe you dream about your own business. Or a foundation that will help homeless kids make art. Maybe you drink wine with your BFF and dream about ... later... when you have spare time and can sit on the couch with your beloved, without cleaning away stacks of toys or filled laundry baskets first.

Are you dreaming about your dream or acting on it? What would it feel like WHEN it is realized?

2. Because the Fear of failure is Larger than the Possible Good Outcome of your Dream

Fear sucks. It comes in all forms and shapes. It convinces you that you are stupid. Ugly, not interesting, nobody will listen to you as 'the expert in anything'. Fear creeps in your head, it whispers mean words, puts its slimy fists around your heart, until all you can feel is darkness and gloom.

Fear shows up in the form of Dark Nasty Monsters.

  • As Perfectionism: "Don't even think about drawing a flower. You'll fail miserably."
  • As Procrastination: "Better not finish it, because we don't know what's going to happen next."
  • As Little Ms-know-it-all: "I don't need you to tell me what to do. I don't need any advice. Leave me Alone!"
  • As the Dream Slayer, shouting: "YOU! And your STUPID DREAMS! Get over yourself. Be realistic. Only Lucky, Thin, Perfect People from Well-off Families Realize Dreams!"
  • As the voice of parents, partners, siblings, friends, hell, even a complete stranger: "Darling, I see how hard you try, maybe you should stop trying. Success is only for focussed people with the right skills".
  • As the Worst Monster Of All, your own conviction: "I am not enough."

How does fear show up in your Head and Life?

3. Because Feeling and Acting like a Victim Feels Like the Best Thing to Do.

Remember Moaning Myrtle roaming around in the large bathrooms of Hoghwart moaning about how unfairly she was treated? Yes, she was treated very unfairly but you get the point.

Thinking and acting like a victim kills your joy. As is waiting for the next blow. You can't stretch your body and open your arms, eyes and ears and heart when you constantly feel something horrible is going to happen.

Go on! Give it a try, open your arms, eyes, and heart as if you're ready to wrap the moon in your arms. It's the opposite of retreating in a Hoghwartian bathroom!

You might feel tired because you're really sensitive, you might have been treated horribly, have been ill, had a less than happy childhood, been depressed and lonely. You might even be a victim of an accident or crime.

But acting like you're without power and can't change anything, or think your past completely rules you, guarantees you will never realize your dream.

Granted, being multitalented and highly sensitive might feel like a huge hurdle. Yapping on for hours at a webinar about one single thing is not something you're gonna like, I get that. So, don't do that!

But once you know you, and you know how to work with your traits, the world is your oyster. I know this because I have been helping women change their lives beyond recognition.

Know yourself and you can do anything, that's something I can guarantee.

How does feeling like a victim prevent you from opening your arms?

4. Because you are Convinced you Need to Study more. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

I know you love to learn. As do I. But there's a Huge Difference between learning because you LOVE it and learning because you FEAR you don't know enough.

I guarantee you, you know so much more than you think you know. You are fiercely bright (yes, you are) Your brain is on 24/7 full Speed Warp. It's filled to the brim with knowledge and information -- even a lot of stuff you totally forget about.

What matters really to you?

5. Because you Secretly Feel you don't Deserve it.

This is a rocky one! A Huge Obstacle you're most likely not even aware of. You might tell yourself it's safer (more prudent, more spiritual or humble) when you are invisible. On your path to Success Old Convictions creep up like silent farts. They smell like hell! (sorry about that).

Familiar voices start shouting loudly: "Why do you always want to be at the center of attention!" or "Why are you so vain?" Voices that might be not yours, but your mother's or your teacher's.

But they sound loud enough to stand solidly between you and realizing your dream.

What voices tell you you don't deserve realizing your dream?

6. Because it's Really Hard to Look Past your Own Shadow.

A dream is never Just a Dream. It comes with byproducts. Like curious expectations, happiness, feeling validated, joy, a sense of belonging. Feeling powerful.
But right now the shadow is too large. So you distant yourself until it's easier to let go of your dream. And when you're distancing yourself you also let go of all those wonderful byproducts.

What are the 'byproducts' you -- secretly -- hope for?

7. Because you're such a Marvelous Idea Machine, Why bother Realizing them!

I know. Libraries are filled with books on How to Create your Dream. Books about how to be Seriously Creative. Books on how to Make Art. There are seriously boring books. And books that hit you at the core.

But... If you still don't do anything with it, what's the use of it all? You can read till you're Blue in the Face but Not Doing Anything about it will Never Ever help you realize your dream.

Here is the thing: you are incredibly bright, a stream of ideas enters and leaves like Niagara Falls. Your passions are all over the place. But until you find the underlying current meaning: yourself it simply will not happen.

Do you remember all the ideas that popped up and you let go of because fantasizing about it was enough?

8. Because you want to dive right in and skip the whole dreaded 'Get to Know Yourself' Part.

I get it. You have this dream and all those shiny courses call out to you:
"Take me and become Very Successful and Happy! Because only you have that Special Gift that will Change the World!"
6 Figure coaches tell you: "Pay me and I will make your Very Rich. I can see you got it all!"
Life Coaches tell you: "You want to be happy? You simply have to make the right choices. Stop meandering around and stick to one thing!"
Entrepreneurs like to teach you: "Create Facebook ads in 10 Secs and Happiness Awaits you! Come on shout your Amazaballness from the rooftops!"

Enrolling and signing up feels like the fastest route to realizing your dream. So there you go. This is the Real Deal!

But... in week 2 fear kicks in.

"Maybe", you think: "My Big Idea is Lame. It's so Not Unique".
"Maybe", you muse, "I'm lame too".

In week 3 you are convinced you should do something else first. And in week 4 you drop-out.

And ... off the dream flies.

Does this happen to you? Do you try to fit in? Comply to the extravert way, focus-on-one-thing-only way?

Here's the deal
You are not like the other 80 %. You are Highly Sensitive and a Multitalented Renaissance Soul. The universe has granted you with extra gifts: a curious mind, the capability the feel music deep inside, a heart that is wide open. Creativity that flows like a Mountain stream. The natural capacity to think like there is no box.

For years you've tried to be like the others. Instead of being more like you.

Realizing your Dream needs a different, more personal approach. It all start with getting to know yourself.

You need to find out as much as possible about yourself. Find out if you're a Highly Sensitive Person. Find out if you're a Multitalented Renaissance Soul.

Find the alternative approach. A road where you use your traits to your advantage. It means you've got to understand, love and accept yourself fully. Once you're able to read yourself like an open book, you can withstand fear, obstacles and all the voices that tell you: "You're not enough".

I noticed my clients had certain traits, challenges, pains and longings in common. I found this highly intriguing and set out to research those commonalities.

That's how I found out they are - and if you're reading this, most likely you as well - a very unique kind of woman. You, they, I, we all feel, hear, see, think, observe, doubt a whole lot more than 'the Other 80%'. It also means you have to find clarity and self-acceptance before you can jumpstart your Big Dream.


I researched this for years and found the healing, reflecting, inspiring, loving, guiding, soul inspiring and soothing qualities of art are the best possible tools on your road to success.

Here's why: you are fiercely bright and working with art will get you out of your head and into your heart. There's nothing that will help you solve problems and challenges as fast and profound as creating your art.

Share how you (plan to) use your art and creativity as a tool. Whatever you do, know you can nurture your Big Dream into Life using everything that comes naturally to you.