8 Shocking Facts About Cheating Around The World, Because Not Every Country Frowns Upon Infidelity

8 Surprising Facts About Cheating Around The World
Paris, June 2013.
Paris, June 2013.

Americans LOVE to talk about infidelity. Whether it’s a billion-dollar movie about a woman who is “tempted” by the devil or impeaching our freaking president, cheating is a huge deal in this country. In a masochistic way, we kind of love it. Americans also love to think that the entire world lives the same way we do. Hence the reason that we place our fast-food chains in many historical sights around the world and are super shocked at the idea of free healthcare. Well, news flash, Earth is a heavily-populated and diverse planet and the good ‘ol USA only makes up a teeny-tiny part of it. So, what is cheating around the world like?

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