8 Signs You Need A Trampoline

Trampolines are viewed as a medium of just playful fun - this is true, what most people don't know is that jumping on a trampoline also has many health benefits.
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Trampolines are viewed as a medium of just playful fun -- this is true, what most people don't know is that jumping on a trampoline also has many health benefits. Here are 10 signs you might want to get your family one:

1. You want a strong heart, lungs and muscles: Research has shown that rebounding on a trampoline helps one's cardiovascular system. Similar to the effects cycling, jogging and sometimes walking have on the body system, rebounding is an aerobic act and 20-30 minutes a day, 3 or 4 times a week of fun will leave your muscles strong, and your hearts and lungs in good condition. Exercises on the best trampoline also help you pump blood faster, improve your pulse rate and allow oxygen to flow through your whole body with more efficiency.

2. You want your kids to stay away from drugs and alcohol: If you have kids that have started showing interest in alcohol and drugs, trampolines may be able to help you steer them clear, according to an interesting CNN report.

3. You want your kids to be more outdoorsy: Most kids of this generation will rather watch television or play with their mobile phones and their computers than have the traditional outdoor type of fun. Kids will rather stay indoors than swim or ride their bikes. If you want your kids to have some outdoor fun but you want something that won't feel like a chore, like walking, jogging etc. Trampolines offer excitement while also making your kids as interested in playing outdoors as they are in technology. For example, the Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad comes with an all-round enclosure, allowing your kids to have fun with minimal risk of injury.

4. You have Cellulite: Cellulites are lumpy dimple-like scars found on the skin. If you have cellulites (about 85 percent of women and 10 percent of men has it according to studies, with majority of them over 30 years old), rebounding increases the circulation of lymphocytes which helps in breaking down said cellulite. Some studies show a 26 percent reduction in cellulites by just rebounding.

5. You suffer from indigestion: Rebounding on a trampoline causes your muscles to relax and contract; this helps to clear your digestive tracts. Going out to the trampoline too quickly after eating is not advised though. With a simple rugged design and a woven polypropylene jump mat, the AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline is good for cardio fitness while being a low impact exercise mat designed to be easy on the joints.

6. You want to build your bone mass, increase energy and prevent cancer: Rebounding helps increase your bone density and even while growing; it helps keep body mass well maintained. This can also be useful in helping your kids become bigger by building bone mass. It also helps move oxygen to body cells and it's very common to feel a burst of fresh energy after exercising on a trampoline. Rebounding, especially on a strong rectangle trampoline, strengthens the immune system and cleanses the lymphatic system; this helps in reducing cancerous tumors in the body.

7. You have low white blood cell count: If you want to increase your white blood cell levels, rebounding helps a lot. The white blood cell count in your body can triple and stay at that level for at least 1 hour after the exercise. High white blood cell count enhances the immune system of your body. This prevents illness and helps you recover quickly.

8. You want your kid to be lively from a young age: If you have little kids and you want to mould them into fun-loving, lively children, you can introduce them early to rebounding. By doing this early in their lives, you put them on the path of liveliness and healthy living before they're old enough to think it's "lame." You end up with kids with strong immune systems, strong hearts, strong bones, strong muscles and strong lungs. The only challenge is getting a trampoline that will help you achieve this and also keep your baby safe, such as the Skywalker Trampolines 60 In. Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure . With a gap free enclosure attached to the trampoline surface to eliminate gaps, this model is recommended for babies aged 3 to 7 that weigh about 100 pounds. It also has a padded frame and handle all around it to give extra support to kids as they develop their bouncing and balancing skills.

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