8 Signs You're a Musical Theater Geek!

In camera multiple exposures from Times Square in New York at twilight
In camera multiple exposures from Times Square in New York at twilight

Let's face it, musical theater people are -- how should we say -- "special." They're the people who live in a world where kick-ball-changes are appropriate responses to conflict and iPods are vaults for original cast recordings. I can say these things because after a recent bit of house cleaning and a few surprise visits from ghosts of internet past, it's been confirmed: I am a musical theater geek.

Now, how do you know if you're a musical theater geek? Well, it can be tricky to detect sometimes; these things can sneak up on you. But chances are that if you can relate to any of the following, you're pretty much a 100 percent, leotard wearing, vocal exercising, cast party attending, Into the Woods singing, jazz sneaker loving, Ethel Merman-adoring, loud and proud Great White Way geek.

So without further ado...

Eight Signs You're a Musical Theater Geek:

1. You have the obligatory goofy behind-the-scenes dressing room photo.


2. Even though you're a grown adult, you still have signed programs and playbills from your high school theater productions.


Wigs. Just. Wigs.



4. You own this decorative commemorative plate of A Chorus Line.


5. You went out and got that theater degree (with no back-up plan) and rocked it like a Broadway star in front of the American flag.


6. Not only did you take voice lessons, but you also recorded said voice lessons on cassette tapes and then aptly titled them, "voice lessons."


You wrote your own original musical and then printed up t-shirts to promote it. (Long live, "16 Bars"!)

Warning: t-shirt will get wrinkled from lack of wear because no one knows what the hell your t-shirt means.

8. Not only did you perform in the adult tap recital and take a picture like this:


But you also performed in online instructional tap videos so that others could join in the awesome splendor that is musical theater dance.

Video courtesy of tapmoves. Full step-by-step tutorial found here.

All photos courtesy of the author.