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8 Simple Steps for an Energy Boost in the Morning

Not to worry, here are some useful daily tricks that can make you wake up to a great morning every day that promises an active, confident and productive day.
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Young woman waking up in bed
Young woman waking up in bed

"Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day." -- Glen Cook, bestselling author

Have you ever started your day with a negative attitude? Have you failed your previous day's promise to do something productive the next day? Do you find problems in getting up early in the morning and starting your day in full vigor? Well! Who doesn't?

Not to worry, here are some useful daily tricks that can make you wake up to a great morning every day that promises an active, confident and productive day.

So let's walk through these tips and find a way to incorporate them into our lives.

1. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier.
That will get you some extra time in the morning to collect yourself and free you from the hassles. With some free time to start a day, you can do a lot of things to help you become more confident and positive toward the day such as few minutes of cardio or Pilates at home. However waking up early does not mean you need to compromise with your sound sleep; manage your time and wake up early too.

2. Wake up to something that makes you smile.

It may be your family picture, a pleasant smelling fresh flower in a pot by your night stand or your favorite music as an alarm clock. Wake up to something that can fill you up with great feelings right in the morning. This does not make getting out of the bed so unappealing and rather helps you find the morning pleasant and productive.

3. Rehydrate.
Waking up uneasy, with an empty stomach and in grumpy mood is a sign that we are dehydrated, due to lack of liquid when we are asleep. Need a solution? A glass or two of lukewarm WATER! This will not only help you rehydrate, it helps to see things clearer. Seriously! Lukewarm water just after waking up helps you with instant energy and drowns the grumpiness to give a shine to your eyes. On top of that, it helps in losing a few ounces of weight every day.

4. Brush and Shower.
Brushing every morning after waking up gives that minty freshness to your mouth, rejuvenates the brain and gives the feel of being alert. And while you're in the bathroom, why not take a shower? Cleaning your vital parts like underarms gives a fresh feel to the body and you start a new day in a fresh way.

5. Develop and practice a confidence ritual of your own.

Nothing works better than your own personalized confidence ritual to provide a boost to your confidence. Try to spare two to three minutes for this life-changing routine daily and you are sure to find some nice changes in your self-confidence. Make a list of your good attributes, take help from your friends. They know you better and it does no harm in taking compliments from your friends, right? Say the list out loud looking at the mirror every day and also write them on Post-its to find them everywhere in your home. Do this every day.

6. Listen to pleasant music.
Listening to pleasant music of your choice in the morning while multi-tasking makes the morning cozier and makes you happier. Music triggers the good feelings, and there is no extra time spent on it if you listen to music while making breakfast or getting ready for the office.

7. Have coffee in the morning.
If you are a caffeine person, try to invest your money in a good coffee, preferably fresh coffee beans. This helps you to find that energizing touch of the day. Along with a good balanced breakfast, the coffee fills you with energy that can keep you active for a great kick-start in the morning.

8. Show some love.

All set to get out of the house to a very productive day? Well, you are forgetting something. Do not bid goodbye for the day without kissing and hugging your family members and even your pets (They're family too!) and head out with all the love and good wishes from your loved ones. Live alone? Call your mom, family or best friend. This never disappoints. With this trick you can always feel you belong somewhere and knowing there is someone out there cheering you on makes you extra confident toward life.

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