Fall Travel: 8 Summer Destinations That Are Better In Autumn (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 8 Summer Destinations That Are Better In Fall

Some summer hot spots come with fine print or an asterisk. These beautiful destinations are perfect playgrounds for the kids on the hottest days of the year and ideal for a romantic long weekends when work is a little slow, but there is a catch: They are nicer in the fall.

Many destinations around the Northern Hemisphere see the stream of summer arrivals dry up in the early autumn, just as the air gets crisp and the leaves start to change colors. Minus the crowds and the heat, places like Charleston and the coast of Maine change from being visitor-oriented to being lovely for visitors. The influx of cash during summer is the lifeblood of many places — think of the Hamptons — where shopkeepers and local businesspeople work tirelessly for several months before they finally resume their normal lives. The smiles are more genuine after the crush.

Conversely, there are other places, such as Rome, where locals tend to travel or work less during the summer. The citizens seems to laze about in the sun during the tourist season, but come fall the place is whirring again and visitors can get a much better sense for the living Italian city (and less crowded tours of the ruins).

Here are eight destinations for travelers eager to see the summer hubs in an autumn light. The path is beaten, but the views are different this time of year.

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