8 Sustainable Butchers That You Need To Know Today

"What unites everything they do is their commitment to bringing you organic humane meat you can feel good about buying and eating."
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Ryan Farr www.4505meats.com
4505 Meats, San Francisco
Why he's legit: His company launched with one product, lighter-than-air chicharrones, or "crispity clouds of porkaliciousness," followed by bacon-studded hot dogs. He was running a full service butchery shop, but in a sustainable meat shuffle is selling it to fellow Master of Meat: Belcampo Meats. This gives Ryan time to focus on his 4505 Burgers & BBQ Restaurant, farmers market stands and wholesale operations. We're glad he's staying in the biz, he's making meat in ways we've never seen before. We're keeping an eye on what's coming out of his kitchen.

Samantha Garwin www.fleishers.com
Fleishers Pasture Raised Meats, Brooklyn
Why she's legit: We love any woman in a male dominated field. After leaving software and the cocoa fields after that, she's pursuing her love of food, sustainability and adventure. Chief Operating Officer of Fleisher's Craft Butchery, one of the largest retailers of organic beef, pork, lamb and poultry on the East coast. They bring more quality, craft, and transparency means you can ask where any product comes from and get a straight answer.

Kari Underly www.muscolomeatacademy.com
Muscolo Meat Academy, Chicago
Why she's legit: She's a third generation woman butcher and is determined to help future butchery students develop and elevate a trade that can bring local jobs back to their communities. She's pioneering higher education in butchery through Muscolo Meat Academy and offer new standards of skill, knowledge and Certification. Muscolo was recently successfully #Barnraised!

Matthew Jennings www.townsmanboston.com
Townsman Restaurant, Boston
Why he's legit: Chef Jennings hasn't been dubbed "Providence's Pied Piper of Cheese," "Prince of Pork" and one of the "Most Sustainable Chefs in America" for nothing. His nationally recognized knowledge of cheese, charcuterie and sustainability is changing the way America eats. Need proof? Check out his menus.

Chris Carter www.prbutcher.com
Porter Road Butcher, Nashville
Why he's legit: He and his crew are bringing back the days when you know what you're being fed, who is putting it on the plate and why it makes a difference. Meatlovers in Music City can never go back.

Jered Standing http://www.belcampomeatco.com/
Belcampo Meats, Los Angeles & San Francisco
Why he's legit: Belcampo is a lot of things: a farm, a processing plant, a neighborhood butcher shop, a restaurant. What unites everything they do is their commitment to bringing you organic humane meat you can feel good about buying and eating. Jered along with his inspiring co-founder Anya Fernald are building a resilient company that will be there for their great grandkids and a place for your great grandkids to buy goodness they can taste.

Scott Vivian www.thebeastrestaurant.com
The Beast Restaurant, Toronto
Why he's legit: The philosophy of Beast? Support the passion of local artisans. Promoting the nose to tail dining experience to his Canadian clientele creating more opportunities to incorporate whole beast butchering using the entire animal in creative ways. Pull up a seat at his table and you're in for a sustainable meat experience that's a cut above.

Nathan Anda www.redapronbutchery.com
Red Apron Butchery, Washington DC
Why he's legit: Nate Anda takes his meat seriously. His classic training and commitment to the traditions of butchery have shaped every aspect of his business. He is a master butcher in every sense of the word. He's bringing traditional butchery shops with a modern edge to his East Coast home.

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