8 Tasty Veggies To Plant In Your Spring Garden (PHOTOS)

Some of us are still thawing out, but for many, spring is in the air. With warmth and sunshine knocking at the door, don't wait until it's too late to get your garden ready for the coming season.

First, you'll want to check your soil to make sure it's ready for planting. It needs to be dry and warm enough (around 60F). To do a test, take a handful of the soil and try to clump it into a ball. If it doesn't crumble but instead sticks, it may be too wet. To further check, drop the soil ball on the ground. If it doesn't break apart, it is definitely too wet to plant.

You'll also want to know your areas average date for the last frost, as this is an indication as to how early you'll be planting certain crops. Go here to find it.

Have a look at 8 veggies we think taste great grown right from your spring garden, with tips on when to plant them. Let us know which are your favorite!

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