8 Technologies That Define the Next Generation in Home Security

Protecting your family, home and assets from unwelcome intruders is still a basic concern in today's digital age. Therefore, these high-tech surveillance tools will simplify your precautionary efforts, resulting in more efficient safety measures -- not to mention, peace of mind.


Flashfog Security
This residential and commercial security appliance emits a dense stream of fog whenever its sensors detect forced entry. Although the fog is harmless to breathe, it will instantaneously impair a burglar's visibility, thereby hindering attempts to maneuver through your home or office.

Bulletproof Window & Glass Film
This impact-resistant glazing barrier comes in a variety of durable surfaces like glass, acrylic, laminate or polycarbonate. Able to withstand ballistic force from crowbars, baseball bats and even gunfire, these materials prevent home or business invaders from gaining window access.


Retinal Scan Lock
This deadbolt device is available primarily for workplaces, banks, hospitals and other public buildings. By identifying your eye composition apart from anyone else's, it bars unauthorized personnel from entering sensitive areas. Companies offer this technology for residential use, and you can even purchase a computer retinal scanner from Eye Lock.

Smart Camera
This wireless monitoring system from Swann, allows you to watch real-time footage of your home's perimeter from a connected smartphone. When suspicious activity triggers the motion detectors, you'll receive alerts, along with a camera recording to show law enforcement.


Pool Alarm System
This child safety innovation deters little ones from accidentally falling into a pool in the absence of adult supervision. Although installation is often expensive (upwards of $100), if you have young children, this can be a life-saving investment, as 25% of drowning victims are under age 14.

Endless ID Band
This portable gadget, conveniently available in either bracelet or keychain form, protects your cell phone against potential hacking, even when unlocked. With a single tap, the band automatically shields stored passwords, credit card or bank account numbers, and other secure data from breach. In addition, it can also transmit information from one wireless device to another.

BeOn Proactive Light Bulb
This advanced illumination (AI) fixture mimics a household's lighting habits to give the appearance your home is occupied when it's not. If a would-be intruder rings the doorbell to check for vacancy, lights will flicker on throughout the house in order to dissuade the crook from proceeding.


Keyless Connected Smart Lock
This pin-operated mechanism secures both residences and workplaces without using a key, thereby allowing you control over who accesses the building. To disarm, input the preset code (must be changed every 24 hours) or tap your smartphone against the sensor. This apparatus also has a tamper alarm and lock-out chip if an invalid code is entered more than 5 times.

Although the threat of burglary remains an occupational hazard of home or business ownership, as you can see, modern technological advancements are continually easing this burden of keeping your property and loved ones sheltered from potential harm.


This article originally appeared on the Tampa Lockmaster blog. Reprinted with permission.

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