8 Things People Would Rather Have Than Sex

8 Things People Would Choose Over Sex

An orgasm or a caffeine fix? According to a recent survey, the majority of people would choose the latter.

When Le Meridien Hotels asked guests across China, India, the United Arab Emirates and the United States what they would give up for their morning cup of coffee, 53 percent of respondents said that they'd prefer an Americano over morning sex, and 78 percent said that they'd sacrifice alcohol, social media or sex for a year in exchange for a regular supply of caffeinated beverages.

This isn't the first study to declare that people prefer something over sexual satisfaction -- if faced with the choice. (Obviously most of us would prefer to have our coffee and our orgasms.)

Here are eight things you might choose over sex, according to research:

A Better Sleep Council survey found that 12 percent of people would choose a night of solid snoozing over a night of sex. Sometimes you really ARE too tired.
Well done, Apple. Americans are officially more dependent on their iPhones than their sexual desires. Time reported in August 2011 that 33 percent of people surveyed by TeleNav said they would give up sex for a week rather than disconnecting from their phone for a week.
A 2011 study suggested that college-age men and women would prefer to get an ego boost (by way of a compliment or an "A") than have sex.
We know that bacon is delicious -- especially when it's crispy -- but is it really worth giving up sex for? According to Canada.com, 43 percent of Canadians said yes. We wonder whether Americans would agree.
Food In General
A 2012 survey from TODAY.com and Match.com discovered that 39 percent of single women would rather give up sex for a year than their favorite food. Honestly, it's a toss-up.
A Lighter Backpack
Given the choice between lugging textbooks around or remaining celibate for a year, 25 percent of college students surveyed by education software company Kno in 2011 chose the latter.
The Internet
A 2008 survey by Intel found that 46 percent of women were willing to forgo sex for two weeks rather than lose their Internet access. Only 30 percent of men would make the same deal.
Not that many people said they'd trade sex for being young again, but 21 percent of women surveyed by Elizabeth Arden in September 2013 reported that they'd give up sex for a whole year to slow down the aging process.

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