8 Things To Do To Help Heal Your Broken Heart

Unless you've got your heart shattered to pieces and drank yourself to death to numb the pain, you won't be able to grasp your head around this whole being heartbroken thing. What seemed plain and simple will be rocket science to you. On the flip side, if you've walked this road too many times that you can count, let me offer you my congratulations! The fact that you're reading this means you're a survivor and no amount of heartbreak can bring you down permanently.

To speed up the healing process and to help you recover from a broken heart in no time, here are eight things you should definitely do (and you can thank me later!).

1. Go for a long run.

Give yourself the chance to get lost as you listen to your feel-good playlist. Run and walk alternately so you can sustain yourself despite the long distance. Take your dog with you if you're a pet parent so you have someone who you can enjoy the run with. Better yet, sign up for a 10k or half-marathon and start training. This new goal will certainly remove your brain's focus on the heartbreak.

2. Organize a slumber party.

Invite all your besties for a slumber party in your apartment. Allow yourself to be vulnerable for a moment by telling them everything you're comfortable sharing about your heartbreak. Cry or even ugly cry until your eyes can't release any more tears. Give them the chance to comfort you and give you the warmest and sincerest hugs.

3. Take a road trip.

Pack your essentials and drive yourself off to a place you've been meaning to see but haven't had the chance to.

4. Cross off one or more items in your bucket list.

Go over your bucket list and see which activities are best done while you're nursing a broken heart. Be it skydiving, zip lining, or any other extreme activity, there's no better time to do it than now so go for it.

5. Go shopping.

Or window shopping (for that matter). Get yourself dressed up nicely then drive to mall you've been meaning to visit before. Stroll through it and just admire the things which capture your eyes. You need not buy them if you don't want to.

6. Learn something new.

Find a new hobby that you can be busy and occupied with. Be it learning a new sport or taking guitar lessons, do anything to make sure you don't have time left to stare into space wondering about how is your ex-boyfriend doing. He doesn't deserve that.

7. Move to a new city.

There's nothing that beats packing your bags and living temporarily in a place where nobody knows who you are. So get a map or scour the internet to find the best city which can help your start over by providing huge opportunities for new jobs and travel and leisure spots.

8. Make someone's day.

Put a smile on the face of anyone around you by doing random acts of kindness. It can be your barista, your hair stylist, your neighbor, or anyone you come across with. You'll be surprised about how you'll easily feel at peace and satisfied by making people around you happy, even if your heart is still struggling.

Mending your broken heart isn't impossible. Just focus on yourself again and never revert to post break-up revenge (trust me on this). With the right people as your support and your indomitable will, you'll be on your way to being your new, fabulous, and whole self again. So go girl! You can do it!