8 Things to Give Up in 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, it's always the time of year when we look at what we accomplished throughout the year, what we didn't accomplish, where we want to focus next year and how we can lift our life to greatness! I wanted to provide some tips for increased success in all areas of life. Without further adieu, here are 8 things to give up in 2015 (in no particular order):


1. Doubting Yourself -- This is a tough one to conquer, isn't it!?! We can be our own worst critic. We doubt ourselves in so many ways. First, we can doubt our decisions and analyze the heck out of things. I call this analysis paralysis. The truth is when we are faced with a decision; usually the first thought that we think is our intuition trying to guide us. We doubt ourselves though and think it over more, mull things over, discuss this and that and let the internal and external chatter sway us. Another example of this is when we think about applying for another position or promotion in a company. Sometimes, we doubt whether we have the skills, talents and abilities to do the job. We think of all the reasons you wouldn't be a good fit. Next time you find yourself in the circle of self-doubt, say "cancel" and re-frame the situation in a positive way. Affirm your true worth because the fact is you were made for greatness! Trust in that.

2. Negative Thinking -- Here's another fan favorite. When we doubt ourselves, we are thinking negatively. There is something to the saying, the class is half full; rather than half empty. When we get into the cycle of negative thinking, this turns into negative habits, which turns into beliefs and it's all just one vicious cycle...one that's difficult to break. We have over 65,000 thoughts a day and most of them are negative. Worse, they are subconscious thoughts. The good news is you can change negative thinking into positive thinking. It takes deliberate practice and an intention to think positively. Next time you hear yourself think or say something negative about yourself or something else, stop yourself by affirming "cancel" or "stop" followed by saying the opposite. Start with the words I AM... I am are two of the most powerful words in the universe so pay special attention to what follows these two powerful words.

3. Worry and Fear of Failure -- Ahhh yes, fear of failure. I'm sure you've heard the saying that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. The fact is when we worry; we can't be in a state of joy or gratitude. When we are afraid, we lack trust. Trust in God. Trust in ourselves. Trust in life. Trust in the universe to provide. Think about the last time you worried or were afraid of something. The actual outcome was probably nowhere near what was in your head, right? When it comes to failure, I believe we don't fail. We are simply finding one more thing that won't work. That means you are one step closer to success. We never fail unless we fail to learn the lesson in the situation. The truth is we should feel the fear and do it anyway. Sometimes, when we are afraid of failure, that's a clue that we should go for it and stretch ourselves. So, I challenge you to feel the fear and have the courage to work through it as the other side of fear is success!

4. Criticizing Yourself and Others -- This ties in with negative thinking and doubting yourself. However, negative thinking can be about anything and everything. When we are criticizing others, and ourselves we stand in judgment. When we stay in judgment, we aren't in a place of love and laughter... something we all can benefit from more of in life! The other thing I'll mention here is when we are criticizing others; there is a part of us that isn't accepting what we are criticizing about. If something bothers us about someone else, think about what part of YOU could be upset about that same thing or a hybrid of it.

5. Procrastination -- Are you the type of person that works best under pressure or under a deadline? If the closer to the deadline, the more creative and productive you get, think about it in terms of law of attraction. When we procrastinate, we create a vibration of delay. The truth is when we take time ahead of time to do something important; we create more space for good to come to us. We are also more productive. Next time you find yourself procrastinating in getting something done, try setting a block of time aside and completing it, then tell me how great you feel and how much more you are able to get done!

6. Fear of Success -- There is so much going on when we are afraid of success. Our fear can be around being judged by others. The more successful you are, the more visible you are and the more your life is open to being criticized. One mentor once told me, you aren't truly successful in business until there is a webpage dedicated to hating you. I'm not sure about this but I do know that the more successful you are, the more you are able to help others. Being of service is one of the reasons we are here. I believe success is defined by how we live our lives and to what extent we are fulfilling our purpose. The more we live our lives on purpose, the more the universe conspires to bring you more so you can give more. I personally want to be wildly successful in life and know I lived a life of passion and gave to others in ways that are important to me.

7. People Pleasing -- Do you put others first? Do you say YES to things you really want to say NO to? Are you afraid of what others think of you? The reality is what others think of you is truly none of your business. Really. You can't effectively take care of others when you don't take care of yourself first. Practice extreme self-care. Say NO and remember no is a complete sentence. Stop caring what others think and listen more to your internal guidance system.

8. Perfectionism -- Perfectionism shows up in so many ways. It shows up when we don't delegate because others won't do something 'the right way'. It shows up when we don't release that product or service to market because the website isn't 'perfect'. Here's a thought. It's okay to fly the plane as you build it. Sometimes, good is good enough. Only you know the difference between what can be good enough and there are certainly exceptions. I wouldn't want a brain surgeon operating on me with anything less than a perfect record. Yet, nobody and nothing is perfect. Everything can be improved. In such a rapidly changing society, we are constantly changing anyhow. Build your plane as you fly it.

Here's to an abundant, healthy and happy 2016. Remember that you have the power within to be, do and have anything you desire!

Are there other things you'd like to give up in your life? If so, I'd love to know what they are. Which of the 8 things in this article do you resonate with the most and why? Please comment below!