8 Times You Should Say 'No' To The Dress

The signs you've found the perfect wedding dress are impossible to miss, but not every dress can be The One.
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by Tyler Atwood, BRIDES

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The signs you've found the perfect wedding dress are impossible to miss, but not every dress can be The One. Just as you had to wade through several duds to find your fiancé, you may also have to deal with a few lemons on the path to your ideal bridal gown. Avoid saying "I do" to the wrong dress and read on for eight times you should say "no" to the dress.

1. You feel pressured by friends or family to say "yes"
Nothing is less romantic than sporting a gown you despise on your wedding day because your BFF burst into tears when she first glimpsed you in it. Trust your instincts, not the opinions of your entourage.

2. You feel pressured by your fiancé to say "yes".
Your fiancé may be your most important critic on your wedding day, but he'll find you beautiful on your wedding no matter what you wear on the big day.

3. The gown is light years outside of your budget.
Rendering yourself bankrupt in pursuit of the perfect dress is not the best way to enter into a marriage. Save your money and find a more affordable gown.

4. Your chosen gown is totally on-trend.
Wedding gown trends come and go, but you'll be stuck with your wedding photographs for life. Plan accordingly.

5. The gown would be perfect if you made just five or 10 changes.
If the dress needs more than a tweak or two to fit your vision, it may be time to move on and find a look that better suits your taste.

6. The gown's perfection depends on a drastic pre-wedding weight loss plan.
Your engagement should be a time for celebration and anticipation of a lifetime spent with your hubby, not frantically fitting in two-hour gym sessions to slim down for your gown. Choose a gown style and size that more closely fits your shape as-is, and you'll save yourself considerable pre-wedding anxiety.

7. The gown is beautiful, but doesn't fit your venue or theme.
As enticing as a tiered ball gown may be, it won't be quite so elegant dragging in the sand and surf at a beachfront wedding. Ditto a slinky backless bias-cut sheath at a traditional church wedding.

8. The dress doesn't look as beautiful in person as it did in pictures.
Brides often skim Pinterest for gown-shopping inspiration, but sometimes the reality doesn't live up to expectations. Whether the proportions don't suit your frame or the fabric is a disappointment, don't feel compelled to purchase the gown simply because you fell in love with the style online.

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