8 Tips for Growing Your Social Media Presence


Social media has become a standard form of engaging and connecting businesses, brands and people. As of March 2015, Facebook has more than 1.44 billion users. As of 2015, Twitter has had more than 300 million monthly users. These statistics suggest that more and more people are using social media as a way to connect for personal and professional reasons. For the serious entrepreneur, business owner or brand builder, it's a wise decision to create a social media presence not only to reach the millions and billions of people around the world, but to also build brand awareness. For all you social media beginners out there, here are a few tips that will help you to grow your social media presence.

1) Know your audience. Before posting, understand who's reading and why. Once you know who's reading, you'll have a better idea of what, when, why and how to post.

Ex: If you're targeting professional men and women ages 30-45, you have to assume that between the hours of 9-5, the average person in this age bracket is at work. Finding the times they frequent social media will be crucial in your marketing success.

2) Post quality pictures, videos, blogs and texts that interest your audience. Creating a social media presence is all about keeping your audience entertained.

Ex: If your target audience is women who are interested in beauty products, you wouldn't simply post a message about what works, no... if you're smart, you'll post a video and photos to show your customer why they should invest in your products/services.

3) Be consistent. You are the news, so post daily and regularly. If you take any days off, your audience will follow the pages that don't.

Ex: Take advantage of Holidays, current events and worldly trends to tie it back into your brand.

4) Engage with your audience. If they have questions, give them answers. Customer service is the key to any successful business. Include this in your business model.

Ex: Acknowledge your fans and supporters when they post about your brand, reward them for their loyalty, and by all means, answer any questions they may have about customer service.

5) Show support. Follow other people, engage, share and promote their content on your page. The idea is to grow your audience. It's better to partner, than do it alone.

Ex: Do cross promotion for social media contests, do a special discount on your page for other people's events, host a TweetUp and promote a hashtag to raise brand awareness.

6) Promote social media contests. People are more likely to follow, like or share your page if there's something in it for them.

Ex: Collaborate with an author, coach or restaurant. With their permission, offer a selected winner from your audience their products and services in exchange for likes/follows.

7) Tell stories. No matter what you're selling, people want to know the seller. Share stories about what connects you to people and what connects you to your brand and you'll create a cult of supportive followers.

Ex: If you're a clothing designer, tell the story about how you grow up getting "hand me downs" as a kid and decided to design your own clothes out of sheets and fabrics. Your story will inspire others to support your brand simply because it touched their heart. That's BRAND power!

8)Promote your social media presence online and offline. Brand yourself!

Ex: Use your handle (@AskCheyB) on T-Shirts, business cards, promotional materials offline, and also include it in your daily posts so people will be encouraged to follow and support your brand. The more you can be seen, the more you can be heard.

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