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8 Tips to Help Boost Your Immune System

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Being asthmatic, I spent a large portion of my life catching whatever sinus infection or flu was floating around. Why is it that I wouldn't miss the treasure of my good health until I had momentarily lost it? As soon as I was under the influence of my cold, flu, or whatever, I would yearn for normalcy like Juliet missing her Romeo. Through sniffles, fevers, coughs, and aches, a resolution to protect my health was born. I couldn't help but wonder why some friends never got sick, while others (like me) came down with everything under the sun. Why? And so it may come as no surprise that nurturing my good health and preventing sickness became a significant part of my life.

Could the overall health of your body have anything to do with your ability to fight off illness once you're infected? Having healthy habits and a healthy immune system are commodities that are becoming more and more necessary in this ever changing world. We have antibiotic-resistant bacteria rendering some medicines useless and a healthy immune system precious. We have diseases without medicines. We have vaccines that don't always prevent whooping cough spread -- even those vaccinated can contract it.

Today, tomorrow, in the midst of flu season, antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection season, and beyond, the little decisions you make every day have a beautiful influence on the quality of life you enjoy, and the number of sick days that might keep you from the life you love.

If pharmaceuticals aren't always effective, what power do we have left? According to studies, effective immunity can be cultivated. From my point of view, it's the best bet -- when combined with drugs or when drugs aren't an option.

What can you do today to guard your health?

1. Get enough sleep.

2. Get high-quality sleep.

3. Don't worry yourself into a frenzy! Stress is bad for your health and immunity.

4. Avoid "junk" and eat healthy foods

5. Keep your organs healthy by avoiding too much of anything. In other words, be moderate. Don't over-drink or over-dose. Don't over-eat. Too much of anything can turn it toxic. Too much food can make you ill with obesity. Too little food and you will starve. Can you find your happy medium?

6. Eat yogurt (I prefer goat yogurt) or take probiotics.

7. Cultivate happiness.

9. Exercise! My favorite way to work out is immune-boosting Tai Chi.