8 Travel Tips Made Easy For The Holidays

8 Travel Tips Made Easy For The Holidays
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Whether you’re heading out of town on a skiing trip, a warm island or a relative’s house, traveling as a family can be one of the best parts of the experience. If your children are new to traveling, the key thing to remember is to have a good time so you’re setting the right tone for this trip and future travel.

As a nanny for over two decades, I have figured out many traveling tips to lessen the load. Like anything else, the more prepared you are the easier it will be. I am going to show you how to bring “clam to the chaos” of traveling with your family with my 8 holiday travel tips.

1. Follow Your List: Take the time to make a list of all of the things you will need to pack for your family. This will save you time later. Remember to pack lightly and bring only the articles necessary for your trip. Depending on your destination, pack accordingly.

2. Pack Warm Pieces: You don’t want your children to get sick at the start of the trip. Even if you are going from a warm weather climate to another warm destination, pack a sweater or sweatshirt for each child for the plane ride.

3. Less Gadgets Needed: Once there, they will be more interested in the new environment and exploring. They hardly ever play with toys. I suggest minimizing the number of gadgets, games, etc. Baggage weight is costly.

4. Early Preparation: You want to be on time for take-off, so the night before you leave have the bags of luggage next to your front door. This way, you will not forget anything when you’re rushing around to leave the day of the flight. Also, go over the list that you already made. Make sure you have all passports and ID’s for your family.

5. Traveling Sickness: Young children who haven’t traveled much can suffer from air sickness. It’s important to pack some anti-nausea treatments in case you or your children get ill on the plane. Also, include some cleansing wipes if they get sick and need to be cleaned up.

6. Ship Supplies If Needed: To lighten the load on items in your luggage, it’s helpful to ship a box or two across the country before you leave. For example, if you are going on a skiing trip with your family, it may be cheaper to ship some of the heavy equipment rather than bring it on the plane. Not to mention, the more bags you bring the more you have to carry and hope that it doesn’t get lost or delayed by the airline. If you’re visiting family this holiday, ship the gifts prior to your destination.

7. Easy Breezy: If you are visiting relatives, know that your kids will be very excited to see them. They may be antsy, so make sure they get adequate sleep before they leave. This will help the trip run smoothly.

8. Home Away From Home: Many children can get homesick on trips. If they begin to feel this way, you want to have something to remind them of things they are familiar with. A favorite pillow, cozy blanket or bath toy, can cure a child’s homesickness. Choose the things that are light and easy to pack. Remind your children to enjoy this adventure out of town because all too soon they’ll be back home.

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