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8 Wardrobe Essentials for Women In Leadership

8 Wardrobe Essentials for Women In Leadership
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Everyone's different tastes will dictate what wardrobe pieces are essential for your leadership style. There is no right or wrong list, but thought I would share my favorite go to pieces that keep me feeling confident as a woman who wants to lead and inspire.

1) Black blazer
2) Black pumps
3) Trench coat in neutral color
4) A pair of jeans
5) Pencil Skirt
6) Casual/dress black pants
7) White button down shirt in cotton with long sleeve
8) Black dress

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Every lady's wardrobe contents are different. Each one tells a story of who you are and is an expression of personal style. However when it comes to expressing yourself as a polished leader, there are certain staple pieces that should be taking up residence in your most adored room: your closet.(It's definitely mine anyway!)

Fashion for women forty and over has come a long way. Middle aged women can certainly embrace the latest trends, and still appear professional and classy. Incorporating styles that are both flattering for your body and image, just takes a little creativity. For business dress, it's best to keep it simplistic and and somewhat conservative.

There used to be a time when professionals were expected to put on a suit or very dressy attire for each day. Everything has changed, today there are so many different perceptions of formal and business casual. Tuning into the environment you are dressing for is crucial, otherwise you might appear underdressed, sloppy, or overdressed.

Many business professionals travel frequently, so having the right wardrobe choices available takes away some of the stress involved with getting from A to B. When on travel, choose one dominant color. To add a little pizzazz and personality to your business dress, you can accessorize with brighter hues. A statement necklace, scarf, and the right makeup can also liven up your look without looking too out of place.

Of course always being neat and presentable goes a long way. One of my favorite style experts, Lawrence Zarian quotes in his book 10 Commandments For the Perfect Wardrobe -"Wrinkled clothes portray the image of ,I don't care or I don't know what I'm doing." It's dressing and acting like every day is a gift, that will make you stand out as a strong leader."

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