7 Ways of the Vibrant, Elegant, Female Leader

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Women are the emotional leaders and nurturers of the world. The strong, sensitive woman understands the wisdom of the emotions. She holds the knowledge that the emotions are the Universal language, connecting all human beings to one another. What triggers pain for each person may be different, but the way the pain itself is experienced emotionally, is universal. Her knowledge of the emotional world is her strength. The resilient woman doesn’t lead as a man would. She honors and respects men, the way they lead and sees their purpose in the world as vital and significant, knowing their role in this world is not her own. The purpose she serves is equal in significance and different in approach. She leads with her heart and emotions in ways that only a healthy, conscious woman can. By placing herself in the shoes of another, by feeling what the other is feeling, she is able to move people out of their heads, and place them in their hearts. This is how she makes history.

1. Self-awareness.

The elegant woman is deeply knowledgeable about herself, and committed to her own personal development. She knows the only way to lead another is to be the great leader of her own life; as she can only take another as far as she has gone herself. She, herself, would never want to follow a leader who had never suffered because they would not know what to do on the front lines of a hardship. Her capacities for empathy have been gained through her times of great success and also her times of great suffering. She views the heartbreaks she has traversed as perfectly designed growth experiences that helped her to find and explore the knowledge of her own heart. These experiences have inspired her to stand in her truth. Her greatest influence comes in the telling of her resilient story, and of how she has risen from her depths again and again.

2. Composure.

The woman of great wisdom is aware that empathy is most easily sacrificed when she’s upset, angry or disappointed. Therefore, she practices composure, and takes whatever time she needs to get clear before she speaks her mind. If she’s going to communicate, she makes sure to do it responsibly. She is able to live the wisdom of knowing when conversations need to be placed on hold. Taking time allows her to understand the feeling experience and perception of the other person in a way that makes sense; allowing her to gain her clarity with the other person through asking questions, rather than through the hurling of accusations.

3. Communication.

The remarkable woman uses empathy to heal misunderstandings between people. The most important thing she does when she communicates, is she meets people where they are. She enters conversations with an open mind and a gentleness to her spirit; knowing that the love and understanding she brings will be transformational for those who are feeling stuck, unseen or without answers. Without empathy, solutions are forced, rather than powerful. She knows that whenever empathy is present, communication becomes a two-way, collaborative, fair, reflective process. It allows for vulnerability, and for all involved to feel seen and important.

4. Other-centered.

The strong, nurturing woman genuinely cares about people. She is a lover of humans. It is this very simple approach that makes her a great leader. She takes the time to ask others how they are doing, what they need, and what they feel. Once she has a clear idea of how others feel about who they are and what they’re doing, she can better support and guide them. She uses empathy to influence not only what she says, but also how she says what she says, and to direct her to the correct questions she needs to ask to best help. She advocates for others to believe in their own highest potentials. She cherishes her role in nurturing others to rise above the places they currently are. She knows the more she contributes to others, the healthier the world becomes.

5. Boundaries.

The strong, beautiful woman expects to face situations when she will come to the realization that the only way another person in her life will be able to truly grow is to have her withdrawal her support and/or connection from them. She is keen in her knowledge of toxic people and will put herself first whenever necessary to protect her generous and giving heart. Through much painful trial and error, she has come to understand there are people who can stay in her heart, but not in her life.

6. Kindness.

The powerful, feminine woman understands that kindness will take her further in life than any other human characteristic. She lives from the idea that it is the kindness of her spirit, how she treats, thinks about, and relates to others that makes all the difference when it comes to being a woman others want to follow. Her approach is sensitive, genuine and kind, with empathy guiding her every word, deed, and action. She also has the integrity and maturity to be cordial and/or silent when in the presence of those whom she doesn’t care for.

7. Unselfish.

The steady, assured woman feels deeply compelled to contribute to others. For her, there is more joy in giving than getting. Giving back reminds her of the love and abundance that fills her own life. She understands that giving, by its very nature, is bonding and relationship building. Further, it is not always about the giving material things or being involved in charities. She has come to learn that sometimes the most precious thing she can give to another human being is her time, love, and attention. She gives to those who are worthy of her gifts, and is sharp to know that not all are worthy. Therefore, she goes where she can have the greatest influence, and flourishes there.