8 Ways 'Soul Food' The Movie Perfectly Portrayed Thanksgiving In A Black Family

Because everyone has a cousin Faith or an Uncle Denzel.

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Thanksgiving is almost here and nothing brings the family together quite like soul food -- both the actual food and the movie!

The 1997 film is a classic for many black families because of its relatable depiction of an at times dysfunctional family that somehow manages to come together around the dinner table to share food, gossip and love. The cult classic stars Vanessa Williams, Vivica A. Fox and Nia Long as sisters who try to keep their family together after their mother's health begins to fail. The film even had a successful spin-off TV series that ran from 2000 to 2004, but our hearts will always remain with the original.

Here are eight moments from the movie "Soul Food" that totally captures the black family gathering experience around the holidays.

Spending Time With The Family Matriarch
Whether it's your grandma, mom or aunt -- this woman is the one who taught you right from wrong, and forced you to go to church on Sunday mornings.
That Uncle Who Reminds You How Small You Were When He Last Saw You
We all have an Uncle Denzel. You probably only see him during the holiday get-togethers and without fail he will always tell you something like, "You startin' to look like yo daddy" or "I remember you when you was this big."
That Moment When You're Ready To Eat, But Y'all Have To Say Grace First
You can't wait to make yourself a plate, but there's always that one family member who makes the whole family say grace first.
You Can Always Expect The Food To Be On Point
Nothing beats a home-cooked meal around the holidays. From the macaroni and cheese to the candied yams to the collard greens, when it comes to food you know it will be so good that your mom must've put her foot in it!
Someone Will Gossip About That One Cousin Who Always Seems To Be In Trouble
We all have one family member who's a bit off, and there's no shortage of gossip around the holidays about what he or she has recently done. Pro tip: It's best to sip tea at this point of the gathering rather than spill it.
Competing With That One Family Member Who Is Always Winning
In every family there's the golden child. He or she went to college, got a good paying job, lives in a new city and can't wait to rub it in your face when you gather for the holidays. If you're that person, please don't be this time around.
That One Auntie Who Breaks Out An Old School Dance
We all have one auntie who is really fun, and still has a thing or two to teach the young people in the family about being cool. She showed you how to do the electric slide, and will let you get away with things your mom would never let you do.
They May Drive You Crazy But You Love Them Just The Same
Even though your family might get on your nerves from time to time, there's no place you'd rather be than home for the holidays. After all, blood is thicker than water.

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