8 Ways to be the Light and the Resistance

Our nation is about to change. The world is about to change. Make no mistake, for better or for worse, things will never be the same again. That always happens when a new President takes the oval office. However, in this case, those changes have much more serious implications for many people. Most likely for all of us.

There is a lot of conversation in spiritual communities about not giving attention to things that don't please you. However, we are human. When you see injustice or the suffering of another, and you stand idle, it hurts you. We are programmed as humans to be empathetic. It's a part of the biological imperative that allows the human race to thrive. It's a part of the reptilian brain that is still very valid and functional.

We are wired to be triggered into action when a member of our tribe is in danger. That is the reason strangers will run into burning buildings to save someone they've never met. When we ignore those impulses, it causes personal suffering and becomes emotionally and spiritually unhealthy.

So, as we stand on the edge of what looks like an uncertain abyss, there are members of our tribe who feel very threatened. They feel like they are in the building watching it burn down around them. It's fucking terrifying to a lot of people.

And when I say our tribe, make no mistake, that means your tribe too. The list of communities that feel very threatened by the Trump administration is almost too long recite. People of color, LGBTQ people, people who aren't Christian, people with disabilities, poor people, immigrants, and let us not forget more than half of the world's population who are women, are feeling rightfully anxious right now.

Mass tribal anxiety is usually a warning sign of something we shouldn't ignore and even if you want to ignore it, you can't. If you're human, you are wired to pick it up, so you can be triggered to lend aid to your community. On the subconscious, neuro-level, resistance is futile. Lending aid most certainly means getting your ass off the couch.

Ignoring the suffering or fear of others is not a spiritual ideal. It is a blatant attempt to diminish your own humanity.

Yes, we should lead with a lot of love right now.
Yes, love is always the answer.
However, to be perfectly clear, love is always, and without exception a verb. Verbs are action words.

In the spiritual, community "resistance" is a four letter word. There is an adage that says, "You get what you resist." The premise being, you feed energy to what you're focused on. That is absolutely correct. Sitting around commiserating alone or with others about how shitty things are is only going to result in feeling worse. Nothing good comes from that.

However, maybe we need to reframe our relationship with the word resistance. There is a way to be a part of the resistance that is still anchored in love and becomes a force for light. In fact, there are many ways.

1. Ditch your symbolic safety pin, and start behaving like a human that cares about other humans. If you see someone who's in need, step the fuck up.

If you witness bullying, be the buffer. If you witness discrimination, create a safe place. If you witness a woman being harassed, call it out or get her to safety.

Be willing to be bold.
Be willing to be unpopular.
Be willing to make yourself a human shield.

Remember, witnessing suffering, without action is bad for YOU. It will make you fucking spiritually unwell.

2. Signing the next moveon.org petition is not activism. It's an invitation to donate dollars. If you have dollars to donate, do that now, as often as you can.

Do your research. Find an organization you trust with your money to do good work, and then part with your dollars. However, make no mistake, signing and posting those online movement petitions does not make you a saint or an ally.

Digital signatures are mostly worthless. There are exceptions to that rule. However, you can do better than on online petition. Money talks. Put your money to work, because there is a lot of damn work to do.

3. Reach out to members of your immediate community who might be marginalized and let them know how you're available to help.

Can you provide a ride home if someone is being harassed at the bus stop? If so, let them know. Make an announcement. Make sure trusted people can share your contact info with others who might need you.

Can you provide childcare while someone is going to a protest? If so, post that shit on Facebook. Make the offer.

Can you help someone with their insurance paperwork who might be afraid of losing their benefits? Spread the word.

Can you provide legal aid or first aid? Get on that shit. Someone needs you.

Community is everything, and you can be a part of the solutions in your community. Get creative and stop hiding under a damn rock.

4. Not everyone can protest. I acknowledge that. Not everyone should. However, everyone can be a part of a protest movement.

You can use your social media influence to spread the word.
You can provide childcare or transportation.
You can work the first-aid station at a safe location for people who might need aid during an event.
You can reach out to the coordinators to help provide water or supplies.

Protest movements are going to be pivotal in the coming weeks and months. Boots on the ground make a massive amount of difference. However, if you can't go, no one will judge you for that. It's not easy being on the streets. You can still be a part of the process in about one hundred ways.

5. Be willing to participate in conversations that make you uncomfortable. Topics like race can feel very confronting. Get over it.

As straight white folks who've traditionally had it easy, this might be the perfect time to shut up and listen to some other people who understand a thing or two about how to survive oppression. Our survival might depend on their generational wisdom.

We aren't always going to get those conversations right. You might get called out on inappropriate behavior or ideas that are damaging to other people. Being called a racist isn't the worst thing in the world if it teaches you how not to be one.

6. Put your elected officials on your daily to-do list. Send them letters, email them, go to meetings, camp out in their offices. Put them on blast.

Start today and let them know they work for you and you demand that they uphold the values of human decency. Hold them accountable every-damn-day.

I know some stuff about politics and elected officials. Fortunately or unfortunately I know from experience the squeaky wheel gets the grease. They may not like you, but if you're in their faces day in and day out, they cannot ignore that noise. Be ok with being unlikable.

However, that is not enough. You have to be absolutely willing to walk that one all the way through. We will have to elect people in the future who have the balls to stand up to a bully. If we've hired someone who can't do that job they must be replaced.

Look for candidates who can stomach the disaster and take appropriate action. Support them with your time, money, and energy. Invest in people who focus on solutions instead of divide.

7. Stop fucking judging people who are willing to take it further than you are. Judgement is not good for your soul.

I'm going to give you a glimpse into the future. There will be destructive protests. There will be violent resistance. Uncomfortable days lay ahead.

You may not like their methods, but there are people who are willing to put every-damn-thing on the line to stand their ground and stand ground for others.

Social change always happens in the middle of extremes. You are going to see things that look extreme. Get over it now.

Better yet, get over it and pray for the protestors if that's your thing. Alternatively, bake them some damn cookies. Be willing to be grateful for those who are going to put their lives on the line on what feels to them like a fight for their lives.

8. If you call yourself a lightworker, start walking your talk and do your thing because now is the time to wage war on an energetic level.

Anchoring light is not always rainbows and unicorns. We need light warriors right now. Angels in human form need to get off their high-horses and onto the battlefield. I have to believe there is an army in the angelic realm hoping we'll show the fuck up.

Do your reiki.
Chant your ass off for peace.

I don't care what your thing is, do it. Start now. Be prepared to keep it up for the long haul.